baptisia australias

kathiez4mnMay 13, 2010

My false indigo has not emerged yet. Is there hope?

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That doesn't sound good. Mine is in a shady spot and is already 18-24". I think you may have to look for a new perennial. Too bad.

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I got a little one at the Friends School plant sale last year. I could not see any growth and believed that it had died. So, last week I stuck a shovel in the ground in the area where it was supposed to be and discovered that it was just starting to sprout below the surface of the ground. I probably stunted it some, but it is still growing . . very slowly.

So - if your plant is young, there still may be hope!

- Adam

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My baptisia that's now beginning it's 3rd summer is up about 2ft or so and has formed a nice size clump!!! The plants I planted late last summer as seedlings are about 2 inches now. I thought they were goners until last Friday when they started poking up through the ground/mulch.

As Adam said, there's still hope, so hang in there.


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Mine has not shown any signs of life yet, but I think it is still early. It is usually one of my late ones and conditions are so variable--I don't get too anxious until the first week of June.

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Mine is about 3 years old and just poked through the soil 10 days ago or so. It is only about 2-3 inches high.

I agree, yours may still make an appearance!


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