Photo of my loot from the Friends School plant sale

crocosmia_mn(z4)May 12, 2006

I've been gloating over my new plants all morning. It's really not just pure acquisitiveness, I hope -- I would be almost as happy buying plants for somebody else. Wednesday and Thursday I certainly loved just seeing all the plants when we unloaded them from the trucks and put them in their places on the tables.

Would have got more, but I must have put a jinx on several of the plants I most wanted because they were labelled "Crop Failure." But the volunteer pre-sale was great and uncrowded and well worth the time I spent volunteering. I'm going back on Sunday to see what it's like and to see if I can get a few things for half price that I was too cheapskate to buy at full price.

If you go, let me know how it was. I think they solved some of the problems, such as watering, they had last year (their first at the State Fairgrounds.)


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Nice plants. How did you post that picture?

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Thanks! I always use It's related somehow to I could try to tell you more exactly how to do it step by step, if you want.

I believe you can only put your photos one at a time into your post, but it's very quick and easy. I can never remember how to make my photos smaller.

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birdwing(z4 MN)

I saw some kids frantically hand watering when I was there. There were a few things I wanted that were pretty yellow and leggy. Somniferum poppies (they almost always are though when in pots) and some herbs like french tarragon.

Next year I'll plan better (I didn't really understand the system so i had to sit down in the middle of it and go through my catalog to find all the numbers. I had only written down names of stuff I wanted.


can you make a little list of the favorites you got? I see nasturtium, solomon's seal, brugmansia, maybe sweet woodruff?

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

Yes please do go through the posting of photos step by step.


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Here's what I got SO FAR (real quick because I'm in the middle of watching a movie!):

Euphorbia cotinifolia
Zinnia Profusion Fire
Millet jester
Verbena bonariensis
Cleome Violet Queen
California poppies
Poppy Black Cloud
several Nasturtiums
annual Butterfly weed Red and Gold
Castor Bean Carmencita
Flame Flower Scarlet
Mexican Flame Vine
Fire Cracker Vine
Epimedium Ellen Willmott
Brunnera Hadspen Cream
perennial Butterfly Weed
Blazing Star some new culitvar
Columbine Woodside variegated
black Hollyhocks
Louisiana Iris
Alchemilla Thriller
purple Verbascum
Wood Poppy
Red Hot Pokers
Shamrock Dark Dancer
Helenium Helena Red
variegated Solomons Seal
Euphorbia Purpurea
Sweet Woodruff
Basil, Italian Parsley various tomatoes, Swiss Chard, purple basil
Spanish Lavenday
Marsh Marigold Bloodroot

My 14-year-old would scream with laughter if he found out that I was going to explain a computer thing to anyone! I'll do my best with the tomorrow morning.

Birdwing: I planned like you wouldn't believe and I still skipped things and wrote on my sheet wrong and was almost the last person done shopping and was sitting trying to multiply Price x Quantity at the last minute.


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birdwing(z4 MN)

wow great stuff. I got a few packs of verbena bonariensis too. Have you grown that before? Is it as great as it sounds? I wanted some black cloud poppies too but they were one of the things that just looked too sad (there were only a few left) Yes brunnera, I meant that not brugmansia. I'll get my latin straight one of these days (or not)

I got

verbena borianensis
dianthus amazon cherry
nigella red jewel
agastache cana "heather queen"
trachcelium devotion purple
french tarragon
nicotiana (mutabilis,cranberry island and daylight sensation)

that's all! ...

I'll be interested to see how to post on the forum too. I always have to put them at a photo host w/ a link...

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Well, this is what I got:
Anagalus ÂMandarin  Pimpernel
Chamaecyparis pisifera ÂVinatage GoldÂ
Epimedium sulphureum
Penstemon pinifolius
Penstemon pinifolius ÂMersea Yellow"
Clematis columbiana tenuiloba
Orostachys spinosus-Mongolian Hen and Chicks
Delosperma cooperi ÂKelaidisÂ
Pardanthopsis dichotoma  Vesper Iris
Polemonium foliossima ÂBlue MasterÂ
Thermopsis fabacea
Eryngium amethystinum
Trillium luteum
Lilium philadelphicum  Wood Lily ex Kandiyohi County
Allium stellatum  Prairie Onion ex Kandiyohi County
Thalictrum dasycarpum  Purple Meadow Rue ex La Crosse, WI
Lewisia longipetala ÂLittle PlumÂ
Bouteloa gracilis - Blue Grama
Hystrix patula  Bottle Brush grass ex Winona County
Opuntia imbricata - Tree Cholla

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Julie, every one of those bottle brush grass seedlings you gave me are happy, healthy and growing. I got the one from the Friends sale to see any differences in genetics. (You know I'm kind of weird that way).

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Great buys all. I couldn't make the Friends sale this year. Did anyone check out the Dirca palustris. Or notice which supplier brought it in? Outback Nurseries has none for sale. Thanks

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I didn't notice where the leatherwoods came from, but they looked very nice. Droopy new growth is the norm for them. There were so many, I would be almost sure they would still be there for the Sunday half off. Go for it!


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OK, let's try this. I'm guessing that it only works exactly this way if you have a Mac.

1. I move my photo from iPhoto onto my desktop, just drag it over.
2. I go to, which is in my Favorites menu so I just have to click on it. There are ads and other things -- I just ignore them all.
3. It says "Upload" followed by a thing (like my grasp of computer lingo?) that says "Localized string not found" with a line circling it. I have not the slightest idea what this means. However, I click on that weird sentence. It turns blue!
4. Then a little menu appears which lists all the THINGS on my desktop and one of them is the label of my photo, in this case IMGP1391.JPG. I double-click on that.
5. A tiny little photo with that label next to it appears to the right of "Localized string not found."
6. Several lines (which I ignore) below this, there is a thing that says "Upload Image" with a line circling it. I click on this. The computer takes several seconds to obey my command. I try to be patient.
7. Then up pops a small copy of my photo and the sentence "Image successfully hosted" and three long boxes each full of symbols, letters and numbers and labelled:


which seem to contain basically the same information about my photo in different forms. I don't know what they all are, but that's OK for me right now. I don't know how my car works either, but I can drive it.

8. I select the whole contents of the "HTML" box, go to Edit, and copy it.
9. Then I go to my GardenWeb post and paste this into my text.

  1. Then when I click on "Preview Message" there's my huge photo!

I let my son read this and indeed he did laugh. I would be amazed if any of you could use this information to post your own photos, but I was so happy to learn this myself that I'm fine with looking like a computer fool in public. If you have a PC instead of a Mac, try going to anyway and "see if you can figure it out." That's what my kid keeps saying to me!


PS Please let me know how you do with all this!

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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

I went today to the plant sale and it went very smoothly. I had a list made out with the plant name/number and price so I was able to just walk up and down the isle and grab the plants I wanted and then there were some impulse buying too. (you know to make up for the ones that were on the list but either gone/crop failure).Here is my list:

Beard's tongue 'scarlet queen'
Japanese anemone 'annabella deep pink'
aster ' lady in black'
aster 'september ruby'
astilbe 'chinensis taquetti'
baloon flower 'sentimental blue'~dwarf 6"tall
baloon flower 'shell pink'
butterfly weed 'gay butterflies'
butterfly weed 'ice ballet'
butterfly weed 'soulmate'
coneflower 'baby white'
coneflower'double decker'
primrose 'himalayan giant cowslip'
primrose 'pacific giant
seathrift 'joystick lilac'
seathrift 'nifty thrifty'
sheperds scabosia
sneezeweed 'helena red'
showy milkweed
poke milkweed
hummingbird mint
Big smile daylily
double cutie daylily
orange phlox~ for my mom
Phlox 'miss lingard' for my mom
medow sage 'rose queen'
dwarf blue fescue
Pansy 'Bolero flamber terra cotta'
lobelia'fountain crimson' trailing
Umbrella palm for my pond

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

I thought I might have seen a couple of you there, but my friend Patti and I were truly rushing about. My list wasn't too long and I got all but one thing I wanted on it (the climbing bleeding heart had a crop failure *pout*) I could be really specific here - but it's raining so :P you get what I can remember:

Hardy holly "Merry Berry"
Thalictrum "Elin"
Blue Culver's root
Rosemary (large upright)
Italian parsley
creeping lobelia two of the "Regata" series
New Guinea Impatiens
Cup and Saucer vine
Oriental poppy something or other "Grape"
Native Cardinal flower

so mostly stuff for pots and to fill in.

The other stuff I'm waiting for the swap! *GRIN*


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birdwing(z4 MN)

That's so funny! the whole time I was there i kept looking at people going "I wonder if that's somebody from gardenweb? or that ? or that?" I'm going to have to come to the swap so I can meet people..

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leftwood(z4a MN)

To post photos, and you use photobucket:
1. Upload Photo to photobucket. If you're scanning a hard photo, go for 50% and it won't be so large.
2. Under each photo on photobucket there is a Tag address. Left click on it to highlight it.
3. Then right click on it, and choose the copy option.
4. Go back to your message screen on GW.
5. With the cursor where you want the pic to be in your message, right click and choose paste. A bunch of gobble-dee-gook appears. That is the Tag address for the pic at Photobucket.
6. When you preview the message, the photo will appear (before you actually submit your post). If it doesn't, you've done something wrong or perhaps the photo is too large of a file. Clear your cache and try again if you think the file is too large.

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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

Yes, while I was standing in line to get in on Saturday I was wondering if anyone standing there in line with me was a garden web member....I was 4th in line on saturday!! SO I was near the front.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

Thanks for the posting info. I will have to wait until later today to try it.

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mnfairy(z4 MN)

Friends School Plant Sale is GREAT!!!! I bought a lady slipper, a Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit, a large-flowered trillium and a variegated honeysuckle. Looking for good planting tips for the lady slipper and Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit. The gentleman behind the "rare" plant table said the the Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit should be planted in a protected site (?)

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I went back for the Sunday half-price sale, not expecting much (the volunteer pre-sale sort of spoils you!) and was pleasantly surprised and amazed. Several things that I zoomed right to when the door opened at the pre-sale and happily paid full price for were still there! I bought two or three more of many things I already had, such as Euphorbia cotinifolia (an annual that looks just like a purple Cotinus) and Brunnera 'Hadspen Cream' and my beloved annual butterfly weed. There were still many things I just couldn't talk myself into buying at full price, such as a banana tree and Christopher Lloyd's Ranuculus 'Brazen Hussy', so I snapped them up at half price. Also, most plants still looked pretty good and although the line to get in was around the block, I only had to arrive half an hour early to be near the front of it.

One funny comment I overheard from one of the kid volunteers on Wednesday: his friend must have asked him what was the difference between annuals and perennials, and he authoritatively replied, "The perennials are the uglier ones."

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