Trip to Prior Lake area

jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)May 15, 2006


I am planning a trip down to the Prior Lake area at the end of this week. I live about 350 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, and have never visited a garden center or Nursery in the metro area. Is there someplace down there I should NOT miss??? I would love some suggestions.

Jenny P

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Hi Jenny,
I hate to say it but there really isn't much around the area here for garden centers. The best one around the shakopee/prior lake area I would say is Cal's in Savage. Other than that just they are just your average run of the mill supermarket garden centers. Bachman's is in Apple Valley you could go there it is huge but also expensive. You could always stop by my plant sale here. Mainly heirloom tomatoes although there is eggplants, peppers, herbs, perennials and annuals too. And if you are looking for a great deal I have lots of plugs left here that didn't get planted and they will be up for sale for .25cents each. You can't beat that. I will give you the link for the sale so you can check it out. Other than that not much in the area although the MN landscape arboreteum is out this way and if you have never been there that is well worth the trip to chanhassen. I think they have some garden centers out that way too although I haven't been to any. The arboreteum is gorgeous though!! Well, now that I have ratteled your ear off. I hope I gave you a few ideas any how.

Here is a link that might be useful: heirloom tomato plant sale

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jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)

Thanks! I have never been to the arboreteum, and don't think I will have time this trip. My sister lives in Prior Lake though, so maybe another time.

Where are you located? I will be going to Jordan on Friday night for a meeting.

Jenny P

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I live in Prior Lake, and I agree, Cals is about the best nursery in this area, it's actually in Savage, which borders Prior Lake, but there isn't anything unusal there, just the normal stuff, but the prices are alot better than Dundee, which is just down 42 a few miles,( Dundee is nice but really expensive compaired to Cals)and there are some little out of the way nurseries, but wouldn't have a clue how to tell you to get to them. I buy most my stuff from Cals. I use to like Lydale Garden Center in Burnsville, but that's gone now.
Michele >^,,^

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spartangardener(z4 MN)

Gerten's in Inver Grove Heights is nice but expensive, and Sam Kedem's in Hastings has lots of cool shrub roses that are hardy here. Also, the flower gardens on Lake Harriet/lake of the isles in Minneapolis are nice if you don't have time to go to the arb. I forget which lake they're on - it's one of those two and it's the one with the bandshell though, if you have a minneapolis map.
Also, if you're more on the west side of town, my friend swears by Gray Gardens in Excelsior, but i haven't been to their store. All three of these places have web sites you can google.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

The bandstand is on Lake Harriet. Do you want to come into the cities or stay in the Prior Lake area?

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I think there are lots of great places to shop in the south metro, if you're willing to go a little beyond Prior Lake. Pahl's Market in Apple Valley is a fabulous place with very healthy plants and lots of fun statuary and ironwork. Terra Greenhouse in Lakeville has beautiful annuals. Eisele's in Lakeville has the most gorgeous and healthy annuals and hangin baskets. South Cedar Greenhouse in Farmington just opened to the public last year and has some wonderful and unusual perennials. Right across Hiway 3 from them is Cedar Acres, Bachman's huge new store. I highly recommend a trip to Gerten's, they have everything you could possibly think of. I love all the options we have in the south metro! Have fun!

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