What size pot for 3-4 foot dwarf JM's?

spaceman13(6b)October 12, 2012

I also have shishi Yatsabusa and Kamagata dwarf cultivars I would like to pot up. Both are to max out at 3-4 feet in height. What size pot should I put them in? Is there some sort of general recommendation of gallons to height or something?

They are on my 2nd floor deck that probably gets more wind than it should, what bearing would wind have on pot size?

Any other pertinent info would be greatly appreciated.



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That "maxing out" at 3-4 feet is more likely to be a 10 year size - both can get larger than that, the Kamagata easily double (maybe even triple) and the Shishi more like 5-6'.

There is no direct relationship between container size and mature height - you can keep quite large trees in rather small pots if you are willing to devote the attention they will need. I purchase virtually all my maples in 1G containers and almost immediately pot them up to 2 or 3G. After a year I will pot them to a larger, permanent size, generally nothing larger than a 10G (or equivalent). Then it is just a matter of periodic repotting and root pruning.

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