Any luck with Lupines?

crosscut(z6 MD)June 20, 2008

I need a tall plant behind some daylilys so thought Lupines fit the bill, but don't have any experience with growing them. Years ago, every nursery in town carried them but I cant find one plant or even a pack of seeds to buy. The daylilies are a soft peach color so I thought bright pink flower spikes would do nicely together. Let me know if and where you've seen them please, thanks, Cindy in Howard Co.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Cindy, I have a couple of lupines someone gave me 2 yrs ago. They looked beautiful just 2 weeks ago but they've since faded. This is a very pretty deep purple color and they're only about 3' tall. I even had a couple of them re-seed this year.

I could probably rustle up some seeds if you want them.

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crosscut(z6 MD)

Thanks, Peggy, but I have a dark purple/blue one. Aren't they beautiful? I'm hoping someone is growing a dark pink one because I saw it in a magazine last year and have been gaw gaw for it ever since. Maybe its a new variety or something but I'll find it eventually. Thanks

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