Kentucky Wonder beans lost their snap?

2ajsmamaSeptember 4, 2013

I just picked this weekend, again yesterday and they seemed fine but I did notice yesterday a few that seemed to be a little limp, though not terribly big. Today picked a lot, again not huge/long but they seem a little bendy - not crisp. We got about 3" of rain this weekend, temps have been 60's at night, low 70's during the day. What could be causing this? I don't know if I even want to sell anything picked today - stuck them in fridge to see if they'd crisp up, I could try ice water.

Going to have a cold front going through - 41-42 predicted fro early Friday AM (here that could mean high 30's -40). Going to cover the tomatoes and peppers with some Reemay that's hanging on the fence to keep deer from beans.

Could that be the problem now that days are getting shorter? Reemay shading the east side of the beans? It's been there a couple of weeks.

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Soak those beans in ice water, or shell them. Has it been awhile since you had rain before the last rain? That could be the problem. Days getting shorter shouldn't be the problem. Nor the Remay.

Of course, I'm not the expert on pole beans, but I've seen another vendor that swears by them, his would get that way if it's been dry.

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Well, we had 5" of rain on Aug 9 but not too much since then (I did water) until the 26th - and then the 31st, the 1st (2.5" that day!), and the 2nd. But July was much drier so I don't understand why now (when they're just getting going)?

Bush Blue Lake are ending but they're still crisp.

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Sorry, don't have the answer. I haven't done pole beans since I can remember.

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