Pruning tomatoes for increased yeilds?

srj19(4)May 26, 2010

It seem pruning videos are all over youtube, it's the first I've heard of it but then again I'm largely self taught and who knows what else I don't know....

I can follow the logic of pruning out the suckers, at the same time though it seems a bit counter intuitive. The suckers must produce little to no fruits compared to the main branches? Does doing this tend to produce a more vertical plant instead of the 3X3 monster indeterminates I've always ended up with?

I've also heard that another type of pruning should be done 30 days from frost to focus energy to the existing fruits, does this consinst of just cuting everything above the fruits?



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The suckers produce fruit, but it tends to be smaller. The plant does become a little more vertical (I grow mine up along an arch. Though the side branches do become long, maybe even longer since they have the energy the suckers would've taken.

The other type of pruning is pinching off any flowers and fruits too small to ripen within 30 days. Leave all the leaves to continue to gather energy, which will be put into the ripening the remaining fruit.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

We had a neighbor that had the most amazing tomato crop every year that he was able to provide tomatoes to a local supermarket. His plants had so few leaves on them that they looked naked. I haven't ever been able to convince myself to prune them back that much it almost seems cruel. I am going to try it with a few plants this year.

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A friend of mine pinches off about 1/2 to 1/3 of each of the leaves. She says it works. I am going to try that this year.

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