prices for fresh herbs

mbrown297(6b)September 15, 2004

I started selling herbs and vegetables for the first year this summer and had a great time. I sold to one large restaurant and a health food store. Next year I hope to add a few more restaurants and concentrate more on a basic list of 6-8 herbs.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to charge the restaurants for herbs. I went on a few internet sites but it is hard to understand. What for example is 12s or 24s and how many plants are in a bunch or how much do they weigh?

I would prefer selling by weight.



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adrianag(AL z7)

Michael,see if you can find out what Sysco and other wholesalers are charging restaurants in your area and go with that. But be aware that prices can vary from one wholesaler to another and from one level of quality to another.

A reasonable price range for premium basil is $10-12/#, $5-6.00/4 oz. But this depends on the region - in the New Orleans area a wholesaler was paying $1.50 a opound for basil.

The 12s and 24s refer to the number of bunches to a case. As far as I know there are nos tandards per bunch, probably the size of the fist of the person who gathered it.

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AdrianaG, can you break down exactly what the following mean.

$5-6.00/4 oz
Does your last post mean; $10 per 12 bunches, and $5-to-$6 a 1/4 lb.? If that is not the case, please expand.

If that is the definition, why wouldn't they go by $ per Lb.?


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Joe, # means pound, so $10-12/# means 10 to twelve dollars per pound.


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adrianag(AL z7)

Joe that is "$10to $12 per pound" and "$5 to $6 per 4-ounce package.

Some herbs like parsley and cilantro are sold commercially by the bunch but I prefer to go by pounds and ounces.

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heidi41(z5 Mass)

Question? Would selling of fresh herbs be considered "processed" therefore needing some type of liability insurance. I'm very confused about what is considered processed. Heidi

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gponder(7/South OR)

Heidi, it entirely depends upon which state you are selling in. The rules are state generated. If you dry herbs, in my state, it's considered processed requiring proper certification and licensure. I can't imagine a bunch of herbs would be considered processed unless you package and present as a ready to use product, ie. washed, packaged, etc. As far a liability insurance goes, that is normally up to the grower. If you sell a processed product, you would be foolish not to carry some type of liability insurance.

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