Black Sugar Maple

larrylwill(7)October 24, 2009

I bought a Sugar Maple for the front yard this summer, its about 8ft tall. I wanted it for the fall colors. About 1/2 of the leaves have fallen due to wind but the color is only yellow. I put a picture of the leaves in the plant identification forum.

Some one thinks its a Black Maple. From what I have read it could go yellow, red or orange.

Question: Do they turn the same color every year or does it vary from year to year? I really wanted the orange red color.

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Leaf color will definetly vary from year to year, more particularly so in the first few years after transplanting.

Mature trees(10+ years in the ground) almost always sure stronger, longer lasting fall colors then newly planted trees.

Trees really do get better with age.

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Seedling trees do vary, some are better looking than others, just like people.

The Sugar maples in my area turn a warm nice yellowish with a hint of deeper color usually. Named clones should be more consistant.

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

I have a tree that I was sure was a sugar maple but colored an OK yellow at best. I had someone take a look look at it and they though it might be a black maple also. The local sugar maple generally have great color in contrast to my tree. If you are purchasing a maple for its fall color my advice would be to purchase it when it is in fall color or to purchase a named cultivar known for great fall color.

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