Successful edges?

jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)May 31, 2010

Hey there, I just spent the last couple hours cleaning quack grass out of the garden again. I HATE quack grass! This got me wondering, what have been successfull garden edges for people? Now mind you I do not live in town, I live out in the country, and trust me I have more weeds and quack than those who live in town.

I have tried a few things, but they only work for a little while, maybe a year, if I am luckly 2!

Jenny P

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Friends are quite happy with cement blocks. They also use alot of cardboard for mulch. I used to have access to lumber and frequently used 2x6's placed on side. You still have trouble where the edges meet, and so I guess it would be better to use in conjunction with the plastic mulch. I often thought about just digging a bit of trench and pouring concrete straight into it without forms, but a poured concrete curb would probably be ideal.

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Sometimes it is a lot of fun being resourceful in the country. I was thinking about your edging, and I recalled I once used broken up chunks of an old barn foundation as an edging around my garden. It had the look of an old rubble ruin, which I guess it was, but I put a water garden there and a perennial bed, and it had sort of a timeless mysterious look to it. I would go around the edge with Round-Up when it needed it. Sometimes having a big country yard can be overwhelming with the upkeep.

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