Easter, Spring, a time of rebirth ....

denninmi(8a)March 31, 2013

And that is exactly how I feel. I had the BEST consultation Friday afternoon with a new doctor, who completely agrees with my therapist that I have "C-PTSD" rather than bipolar. So, I am starting the lengthy process of gradual withdrawal from the mood stabilizer drug I have taken for 6 months. And replacing it with .... NOTHING! She felt, after an hour and a half of conversation, that I really don't need anything except ambien for insomnia as long as things go well, since I managed to get a handle on my anxiety issues through "cognitive behavior therapy" - in other words, talking myself down from a panic attack. I can sum up my feelings on walking out of that office Friday afternoon in one word - VICTORY!

It was a pleasant, warm, sunny afternoon here Friday, after that, I ran down to Dearborn, Michigan, home of Ford and the locally famous Dearborn Ham Co, and picked up the toy I ordered a few months ago, a blazing orange Prodeco Outlaw SS E-bike. The short test rides yesterday were great, both in manual pedaling and under motor. This thing is a 60lb beast with the thickest frame and suspension I have ever seen, and I look forward to hitting some pretty rugged trails at some of our parks once I get it totally outfitted. No ham, not on my diet, but a lot of Easter eggs, can't beat a hard boiled egg for nutrition and convenience, peel and go.

They gave my poor overworked PT the day off, for which I was glad because he's a great kid and deserves it, so no gym, I'm just about to hit the road on my very first "official" training ride of the year. 5k in 2013, and I want to get in at least 3 century rides after I'm back in peak condition. 25 is the goal today, the centuries won't come until July.

Have a happy and joyous Easter and Passover, everyone. Namaste,

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What a wonderful , uplifting way to start my Easter Sunday !

Happy Easter to you too !


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Most awesome! :-)

Sometimes, it takes a while to find the correct diagnosis that you and your doctors all feel is the right one, and the treatment options that give the results you're all looking for. Been down that road, myself... but you can't stop searching for what's right until you find it... glad you found it, and glad you feel more comfortable!

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denn, that is fabulous news! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that new bike. Fresh air and exercise are wonderful things.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Great news, denn! And exercise is a great mood-elevating activity. Do enjoy your Easter and the spirit that propels it.

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Nice to hear good news on any day, but this one is pretty special. Good luck!

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Ditto to what Pidge said.

Congrats on your bike and your good news!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Sounds right. Now that you know you can do it you just need to stay alert for when it starts. Kinda sounds like playing Wack-a-Mole doesn't it?.


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Cool beans. I never doubted your ability to win. Happy Easter, happy spring--Den and all ;-)

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