Mystery lavender/blue flowers

seachelleleeJuly 11, 2010


I don't live in the mid-Atlantic, but I was hoping someone on this board could solve a puzzle for me. My husband & I drive from SC (where we live) to RI on a somewhat regular basis, and I've seen these gorgeous lavender-blue flowers with very silvery leaves in plantings at the edge of the highways in Maryland. These would be blooming in early June. The plants look large - at least 3 feet tall. I don't think it's salvia and I've looked at pictures of lavender, but I'm not sure it's that either. The flowers are spikes above the leaves, and the plants almost have a cloud like effect - sort of delicate and wispy looking. I have not seen any in my area, but I have also seen them in Athens, GA, so they must be able to take some heat. Unfortunately, I've never been able to get a picture, but I'd know it if I saw it! Thanks for any help you can give in solving this for me. It's bugged me for years!

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Maybe it's Perovskia.

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That's it!!!! Thanks SOOOO much!!!

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