What kind of maple in my CO back yard

olreaderOctober 19, 2013

Can you please try to ID this tree? I think the previous owners planted it in 2002 or shortly after that, it's two stories tall now. Probably something very common at nurseries in the Denver area. I've never noticed any keys but in summer I think it has flowers that attract a lot of bees or wasps. These pictures were taken today, it never gets much fall color. Let me know what other pictures I should take. Thank you.

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Compare with Acer platanoides.

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yes it certainly looks like a Norway Maple. I thought it was some kind of Asian maple, not native to the US, and I guess it is (Eur)asian. The Norway Maples I remember from my Chicago childhood mostly had dark purplish leaves in summer and I see that is one of the kinds of Norways.

I don't think this tree is too common in this area most of the maples I see have less substantial leaves and have been a deep magenta color or salmon color for several weeks and have lost lots of leaves already. But maybe some of them are varieties of Norway Maple too what do I know?

I tried to attach more pictures last time but only one made it here are some more.

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and another one

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The tree has turned a nice yellow now. I like looking out the windows at all the leaves and branches all year, I want the branches from 4 to 12 feet from the ground to stay around as long as possible. But I don't want the tree to get too tall, it's at the NE corner of my house so it won't give me much useful shade. It's giving some useful shade and screening to my neighbor to the north, but I think it would need to be really tall and over the roofs of both of our houses to give much more than it does already

Can I radically prune it to keep it close to its current height and to keep the branches/leaves low on the tree? I think this winter I will try to reduce that branch to the right and maybe slow the whole tree down.

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In Nov 2013 pre-pruning. These are approximately the cuts I made, I probably made a few more.

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Here it is post pruning in December 2013. I thought I took a lot off but I can hardly see a difference. I'll see what happens over the next few months.

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What kind of tree is that on the right hand side of the pergola picture?

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I have been calling it a Quaking Aspen, here's a pic taken a few days later from the opposite angle (on Nov 2, 2013 I think)

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

My red Norway Maple was about half the size of yours when I decided to cut it down. Probably a Crimson King. I keep it pretty short now. Don't want it to get out of hand, ya know. ;-)

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