Scared to plant.

rustico_2009September 11, 2012

Do you ever get so beaten by nature that you are scared to plant? I am PARANOID at this point! Heat waves, hail, bugs, disease, rodents and lagomorphs....oh my.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

I am living that right now too. I have thousands of seedlings to go out now, but I have to get my hoop buildings cleaned out first. I also need to move the seedlings out of the basement grow room first to harden them off. I am also trying to start more.

My fear is that I will get aphids again on my winter greens. They can be controlled but it is very hard.


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Jay, I was just notified that there is a newer chemical out there for sucking insects. It's called Discus, and it's tablets.

Here's the site that was given to

I just received this information today.


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Well I'm sort of glad not to be the lone ranger on this one,Jay. I am clueless on aphid control and doubt I want to do what it takes if I knew. The aphids did get all my seedlings on the now shaded starting tables...just broccoli and kale. Only the new leeks are doing good and I'll start more soon. This is only the second time trying a fall garden. I started Fall/winter crops a little bit later last year and didn't have these problems but they grew very slowly.

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One way to take care of aphids, old-timey, is to spray your plants with dish soap. I've never worried about them, but have sprayed a few times over the years. Dawn is the best acting brand.

The aphids don't like the soap and leave, and the soap won't hurt anything else. Works quickly also. Plus who doesn't have liquid dish soap around?

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I probably will have to go after them at some time, Marla. If they attack outdoor seed flats again...I'll be ready. Have you used Tomato leaf spray...or put garlic in the soapy water?

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Haven't tried either one. I have tried the hot pepper spray, didn't work for me. My mother used the soapy water for years.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Nothing works as well as lady bugs. I have had 3 infestations of aphids as things were covered with row cover. When I took off the cover and the lady bugs saw the situation they took care of it in a few days. Like you cannot believe! They make tons of babies when there are aphids and they chomp em down. I had a baby lady bug on my hand today. they look like little black and orange alligators.

I am also afraid for next year due to cucumber beetles. Nothing kills them!

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Shop vac kills the cuc beetles. Yea!

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