Quince for MN?

leaveswave(.)May 5, 2009

Do you have one? Seen or heard about good varieties for zone 4?

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I saw a really stunning flowering quince out in Rhode Island a week or so ago. When I got back I did a little research on their hardinessÂI assume you're asking about the flowering shrub, right?Âand that sort of convinced me I'd never get a nice big upright quince through a MN winter. Maybe others have actual experiences to share. GaryStPaul

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Gary, thanks for tipping me off to the types of quinces.

I'm actually interested in a fruiting quince, not flowering quince. (Though I just googled images and they are lovely.)

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Doesn't mean it is truly hardy, but Bachman's was selling Texas Scarlet last year.

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joyfulsnowflake(Zone 4)

I am also interest to know if anyone has flowering quince like Texas Scarlet and how it does here. It is rated as zone 5.

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catalinagrey(MN 3/4)

I have a quince tree. It's about 5 feet tall. The last 3 years it did really well surviving the winter.

Every spring it had beautiful white sweet smelling flowers. I was looking forward to finally getting fruit this year, but our hard winter froze the quince 3 feet down the trunk. It has set out shoots now, but I don't know how well it will do.
I also had a cherry freeze back to just the trunk and a few short branches.

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Hang on, people are dropping comments about two different creatures here. The quince that is known for being a sweetly flavored, tennis ball-sized fruit that is eaten across the world is Cydonia oblonga, which wouldn't be winter hardy in Minnesota.

The flowering quince is Chaenomeles speciosa or C. japonica and hybrids, etc. With a good microclimate and mild winter, I could see it being somewhat (but not reliably) hardy across most of Minnesota. As one mentioned, easily with severe dieback if not fully protected under snow in Jan and February. The small fruits of flowering quince are edible, but they are tremendously bitter.

Thanks to the highly misleading modified USDA zone hardiness maps sent out by the Arbor Day Foundation, nurseries are feeling empowered to bring in marginally or fully unhardy plants into new regions, mainly for $$$ (market share). :(

Here is a link that might be useful: Quince cultural info

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nick_b79(4/5 Southeast MN)

Last spring (2008) I planted two Cydonia quinces from Oikos at my dad's farm in central MN, 30 miles north of St. Cloud. At planting, they were only 1 ft tall, and put on a few inches more growth as they got established over the summer.

I was just out there this week, and both of them are still alive! They suffered some dieback, but that was to be expected. The location was a somewhat sheltered region (eastern side of our windbreak, backed up by 3 rows of spruce and red pine to the west). I didn't get the bales of straw around them for insulation like I had planned on, and we didn't have another mild winter like so many previous years. They are back to their original 1 ft height, but the regrowth is looking very vigorous. I'm hopeful that if I baby them the first few years with straw bales and piled snow for added insulation they'll make it on their own later on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oikos Quince Trees

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BlueAng(z4 MN)

Gusolie - actually lots of plant species are mistakenly labels as zone 5 only hardy when they are actually zone 4 hardy - and then there are strange exceptions - I have seen with my eyes an big mature American Sycamore near the University of Minnesota Campus St. Paul Campus and also on campus two sicky little bald cypress and at the arboretum a tulip tree thought I don't know how long the tulip tree had been planted.

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