Need newbie help-production in zone 9

gama_garden_tx(9)September 3, 2012

Hello all. This is my first year market gardening, and my second year gardening total. August was a brutal month in terms of heat (100 degree almost daily), and as a result many farmers dropped from the market for the month. The few times I went, I sold out, even after raising my prices & doubling production (which is a good problem). I'd like to avoid this for next August, and also have items that other vendors aren't selling (there is only so much okra and basil people can eat!). What other items could I harvest or produce in August in zone 9? I'm looking into a certified, commerical kitchen & licensing to sell canned/dried items, but that is a long term goal. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

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Around here, august would mean Melons, all kinds. Never can have too many.

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I am in Zone 9, but we have cooler summers. It almost always is around the low 60's at night, give or take. I think my advice would be bad for you. You have to stay local in the Southern states to best understand vegetable gardening. In California, A popular gardening guide has developed a 24 zone system that we use more than USDA zones. I would try to get a growing calendar from somebody close to you. Maybe you will need shade cloth to grow best for market in Texas We might do more and better with shade and misting extending spring and make summer doable. I know some parts of Texas it's pretty much out of the question to grow even melons beyond early summer.

Anyway my area is Zone 9 and August is peak harvest. With enough water, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, zucchini, winter squash, cucumbers etc. keep on going to near first frost(Nov. 15) and possibly beyond with season extension.

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