Fashionable late? Ajuga and Rozanne geranium

hoghaven_duluthmnMay 18, 2009

Many of my plant ID tags have disappeared this spring and I also seem to have lost my mind this winter. So, I can't find my Rozanne gernaniums. Are these late showers, or perhaps they winter-killed?

Also, I have never had ajuga before and I planted about 30 as a ground cover last year. So far I have found 3 that have returned. This is an area that had deep snow cover and does not warm up too quick. Do I need to do a little Zen meditation or would it be worth it to go into a full-fledged panic? My concern is that this is on a slope that is at risk for erosion.


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I also planted ajuga last year and it was going great when winter hit. Very few came back. (Same with my nepeta, heleninramsey).

I think the problem is that late summer was pretty wet and I got lazy about watering. Then we had several very dry weeks followed by the freeze. I should have watered more in November. My beautiful canadian hemlock also got socked. I notice lots of other evergreens in other lawns with the same winter burn.

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Well, you are in a colder place than I am, and it seems that I have some really slow stuff in the colder parts of my yard. The temps are supposed to get nice and warm this week so that will be my test I guess. Maybe we need to be more patient or less paranoid. That is what I am telling myself (as I look at my roses that are making a terrible show of it...8 look damn near dead).

By the way, I never could find my plant tags, they always get raked up or something. So I have nooooo idea what a couple of things are, nor do I remember planting them. If one of them ends up being your geranium, I'll let ya know.


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