Moving Strawberries

guthriegatorfarmMay 9, 2009

What would be the best way to move my strawberries?

I planted them with my asparagus - this is year 3 - and they have just over-run the bed. I've tried to mulch around both, but they've just gone so crazy that it's become impossible. And the weeds seem to have figured out that if they grow up right near the plants they can get away with it because I don't pull them out for fear of pulling out my strawberry plants.

Anyway, I want them out of there. Once the asparagus comes up, I just want to be able to use my hoe to weed, put down a thick, straw mulch and be done with it.

So, I know I should have done it last fall, but it's too late for that now - there are already so many weeds in there - I just tried to weed it by hand and it was near impossible.

What would you do? The plants are just greening up and unfurling. I have no idea which are runners and which are the original plants. I do have beds ready to move them too - just not sure where to even start with moving them.

Should I do something now, or wait until runners start going and just move them? Or something else? Would appreciate any advice at all.

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Those uppity weeds! I would try to study the plants and transplant the youngest looking plants and toss the rest. You just have to transplant as best you can, and not worry about it--the plants are surprisingly resilient provided they are not planted too deep or with the crown too high. Many books say to remove the blossoms the first year, but I don't think it really makes much difference--I doubt if you will get many berries this year after transplanting anyway. Just plant your berries and plan to go to a berry farm to do your major picking this year. If your plants have berries this year, well great!

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Thanks so much. I'll give them a little more time - at least until more of the asparagus comes in so that I know just where it is - and then I'll just do what I can.

Live and learn. The whole garden is just one big experiment, right?

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