Can Plants help keep my house cool in the Summer?

mcgyvr2009i(Schenectady, NY 5b)July 5, 2013

It is extremely hot in my house during the summer. I cannot afford an air conditioner. We only have 2 working fans that just doesn't get the job done unless you sit right in front of it. I know that Trees and other plants breathe in Co2 which is a gas that can trap heat (as all of us gardeners know or should know). So, I was wondering if by having plants in the house that it would keep the house cooler. Thanks in advance.

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Larry Kahn(7b)

Actually what you need is a plant OUTSIDE your house. A large deciduous tree placed strategically so that it shades your house in the summer but the light gets through in the winter. We were lucky to buy a house with a HUGE red maple out front that does a great job of keeping our A/C bill way down.

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