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Minnesota_Grandma(Z4SoMN)May 17, 2014

If there is anyone that knows anything about fairy gardening in our area......PLEASE READ THIS.....I am converting a rock garden to a fairy garden! The area is about 50 feet long by 7-8 feet wide that graduates from ground level to about 4 1/2 feet high where it meet an upper patio area. There are large rocks and rock grouping that are imbedded into the soil, with planting areas randomly set between them, that I thing will work well for fairy houses and scenes with some pathways, bridges, ladders, steps, etc. joining the areas. I may even figure out how to add a river, lake, and waterfalls

I live about 50 miles south of Minneapolis and want to know is anyone in this area has made a fairy garden and may have suggestions regarding plants for me to use. I'd like to get as many perennials as possible to eliminate replanting everything each year, due to cost....not to mention time spent kneeling on rocks planting. I definitely will add many flowering annuals for color, but also, hope to find several flowering perennials that will work, too. Also...small trees and ground cover. Does anyone know of any nurseries that specialize is small growing plants, etc.

Also, is any members living in the Twin Cities or south of there have plants of these types they would like to sell startings of.....please let me know.

Any help anyone can give me regarding starting a fairy garden will be SO appreciative.

Oh....and you might be wondering about what is or was planted in this area before......I had the loveliest rock garden imaginable.....in fact my whole back yard was planted with perennials and I loved it! I even had a group of Forum members down for a tour. Then I needed up with some health problems and was unable to take care of my garden and my DH took over. Sadly, he has no patience for weeding, can't tell a non-flowering perennial from a weed, and his best friend's name is Round-Up. If I opened up my mouth to complain in any way, it ended up in an argument and we wouldn't talk for days.....just not worth it. I just stayed out of the back yard as much as possible as it made me so sad and depressed to see everything destroyed.....as it would for any gardener. Well, I'm better and able to kneel, bend, and do my own weeding now. Unfortunately, I may have to befriend Round-up to get rid of some very aggressive weeds and grass, but I am SO looking forward to gardening again and thought having a fun project like a fairy garden would be just the spark to get me going again! So, wish me luck.....but , also, lend me your knowledge and advice, too! I'm sure I will need it! Sherry

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Use any of the super small dwarf-size hostas. There are 2 hosta specialty gardens in the Twin Cities. Savory's in Edina and Venero's in Excelsior. But really, you're probably best to look at online sources like Hallson's or Naylor Creek.

You can also look at other ground covers, like mosses, assuming the site is moist enough.

Bachmans & Pahl's in Apple Valley both have lots of groundcovers.

You can also use groud cover thyme.

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WOw, you are planning on building a very large fairy garden. I don't live near you, but I live in a northern climate, so if you would like to check some of mine out then feel free on my blog below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fairy Garden Ideas

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this sounds like fun, wish I had the time for this large of an undertaking but a mini fairy garden is what I am looking to create have been getting many ideas on pinterest just type in fairy garden and a ton of posts come up...best wishes and so sorry to hear of all the hard work you did was not kept up....but things have a way to work for the better and I am sure the fairy garden will be really cool too!

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I wish you could have gone on the arboretum tour a couple of years ago. One of the gardeners had a fairy garden about that size that she and a neighbor friend worked on together. She had all the things you mention and then some. I think the stream might have been a dry river bed of rocks. There was a walk up the hill and around the top of the garden, so one could see and photograph it from all angles.

"fairy houses and scenes with some pathways, bridges, ladders, steps, etc. joining the areas. I may even figure out how to add a river, lake, and waterfalls" Remember to add some pergolas, my favorite delicate architecture for fairies.

I had a small fairy garden about 5' x 5', but the terrain was so rough I can no longer keep it up. Now, I have even more fun building tiny fairy gardens in large pot saucers. Usually, I pick just one small vignette for each. I have chosen to have small succulents in them, so I can bring them inside for the winter. Then I have them here and there around the living area, where I can enjoy them all year long. I decorate them seasonally: spring - planting tools and pets, summer - out door furniture and faux flowers, fall - rakes, pumpkins and scarecrows, with tiny wreaths and garlands, winter - .

I am always dinging around with them: changing a plant, mushroom, miniature grape vine ball, fairy or wishing well, etc. I make streams from sea rock or pebbles and ponds with mirrors, water bubbles with beads and pearls. I make fairy books, easels, etc. to represent our hobbies. I have found some cute animals, bicycles, wagons, etc. among the Christmas ornaments and a few things from the Christmas Villages.

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Something happened and the site wouldn't let me correct the placement of winter. Oh well, what I really want is to wish you well in this wonderful creative endeavor. I would love to see photos as you progress. gramma jan, my garden web name

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