Best varieties of blueberry bushes for this area

DawnStorm(7/MD)July 7, 2008

The Southern or Northern variety? I've got two bushes of the Northern variety but they're really not blooming/fruiting yet. Maybe they're still a bit too young.

Still I wonder, if I get another BB bush, which variety is best for the DC Metro area?

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I would avoid the rabbiteye varieties. I planted several varieties of each two years ago. All three of the southern highbush varieties are thriving (O'neal, Blueray and Bluecrop) while the rabbiteyes are all dead except for the Climax (which hasn't set a single fruit).

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I have six or seven highbush plants, including Bluecrop and Jersey, and they're doing fine. We are eating a lot of blueberries right now. [And the birds aren't. Ha! :-)]

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crosscut(z6 MD)

I live about 3 miles from a beautiful pick-your-own fruit farm and they grow rows and rows of Blueray. We are just 25 miles north of DC.

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To follow up on what crosscut said, I picked a LOT of blueberries at Catoctin Mountain Orchards last weekend. I spoke with the owner for a bit, and he said his bushes are 50% Bluecrop and 50% Blueray. The production was insanely great, just gobs and gobs on each bush.

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dogear6(7 / Richmond VA)

Where did you buy them? I'd like to know specifically who you mail ordered or purchased them from as my husband has finally convinced me to replace overgrown boxwoods by promising me that I could have berry bushes.

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I got some blueray and patriot from nourse farms. I just got them this spring so they're too small to fruit.
Iwas very pleased w/ my order. I've heard good things about dan finch's blueberries and am planning on making an order from him this fall.

I also have ordered other plants from burnt ridge nursery and thought they were good quality. They have blueberries too.

It always helps to check garden watchdog for reviews of the company.

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