Wide Yellow Middles And Green Margins

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)July 21, 2012

Don't know how to describe this any better. What do you think of the plants with wide yellow middles and varying shades of green margins? I have a real liking for this combination. To add in heavy substance and corrugation, a little wiggle here and a bit of ruffle there, you get all sorts of bright looks.

Here are the ones I have which meet those givens:

Dick Ward:

Stained Glass:

Princess Anastasia

Smooth Sailing

Rainforest Sunrise

Guacamole and Paradise Island, both with green margins

Orange Marmalade

Forbidden Fruit--getting more than a little green margin encroaching on its yellow middle, but for comparison sake

Cathedral Windows is also there with the yellow center and the encroaching green margins which are attempting to overlay the lighter color. But again, for comparison sake. And because I haven't any other place to show this off...

I guess that is about all, although I know I'm missing some of the small guys behind the teahouse. They really do not get the adulation the larger hosta receive. Will have to go around breathing kind words to each one. They are doing a fine job turning all this heat and water into beautiful leaves.

Now, it is your turn. Show off your yellow middled with green margined hosta. Thanks for looking.

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Forgot about June Fever. It's new here

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And how could I forget Brother Stefan? He has had such a hard time of it this year. Think I'll dig him up and check what is going on. Something thinks he is tasty.

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

Oh my, if you like that baby Brother Stefan, wait till he grows up. He's a star in my garden. He's in his 5th year, I think.

I'm more attracted to the same color pattern but very wide margins.

I almost cannot resist a hosta in this color pattern. I like them in greater shade so that the centers are more light green rather than gold.

Pickup Lakeside Paisley Print. SO AWESOME!

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Sounds like what all my hostas look like right now from the intensity of the sun.


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On Stage


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

My favorite yellow center with a subtle green margin is Lakeside Symphony.


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Hi, new member here. I have been perusing the forum for some time and noticed this post's title. Here is my example of green margin with wide yellow middle but, it's middle is more of a chartreuse green and no corrugation or ruffle. I've had it in an insulated pot for 4 years, over wintering in my unheated garage. I don't know it's name, but I wish I did...when I bought it the tag said "Hosta, Plantain Lily" :-P


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Hello, DGregory!!!
Glad to see you posting your beautiful plant. It is possible that someone will see your picture here and have a name for you, but I think you'd fare very well to create a thread.

When you do that, you can make the subject: ID this NOID (NOID=No ID or "no idea") And then it is a really fun thing to watch folks nail it down for you. Amazing really, when you think about how gosh-many hosta there are!!! Put into it how old the plant is (you said about 4?) and its bloom color and when it blooms, and anything else you notice that is special. Like, does it change color....emerge early or late....anything you know about it.

Yeah, we'll have to get a name for that guy you have so other folks can look for one just like it! Sweet!!

Steve, I like what I'm seeing of Lakeside Symphony. It is very subtle with its margin. I'll put it on my WATCH list. (which means watch for it to be available, watch for information about it...). Thanks

Melissa, do you have a picture of your Brother Stefan? My first order of hosta was SUPPOSED to have one of them in it, but I got a couple of NOIDS instead, and no Brother Stefan, no Faith, and one NOID turned out to be Satisfaction, the other one an extra Lederhosen. So my little pitiful Brother Stefan is new this year and not big and burly like Dick Ward, as it should have been that old.
And, Melissa, it's good to know someone else has this admiration for the wide yellow middles and green margins.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Hi Dgregory-

Yours look like Gold Standard. Hasn't Gold Standard (1976) been around longer than any of these newer ones?


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Do not know, Babka, never saw one in person. I ordered TWO Gold Standards this week, and hope mine grow up to be marked like DGregory's.

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Oops, I missed On Stage!!!
Outstanding plant, Paul.
I do not grow tired of this combination. Very durable.

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Somebody had to do it....


Paul's Glory

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

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I'm glad you did it for us, Brambofrazzlefoot. Except for Paul's Glory, I have none of the hosta you show. I never realized that PUDC had a green margin--the leaves are so bright it obscures the margins, but I seem to see a narrow green outline for each leaf. The one you show is beautiful. Actually, I intended to order it this week, since HostaLes has mentioned it so many times in a favorable way.

So Paradigm is the one for me to consider, huh.
Thanks for this input. We've come up with quite a few for folks to choose from without flipping through the HL looking at borders. Of course, Don Rawsons LISTS are always a comfort when you need the information without doing the research yourself. So I'm putting the link to his LISTS below. You can get lost browsing through them. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Don Rawson's Hosta Lists

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Ludi _PA_7a

At present, all I can contribute to Moccasin's affinity for yellow leaf green margin is Stained Glass. Purchased this year from my local garden center.

I don't have near the intensity nor the amount of sunlight so I am leery of the yellow ones and am curious to see how intense the colors are in my garden next year.

I will say though that Forbidden Fruit is awesome. I did a search for previous posts about it and came across the one where it was mentioned that there were only about 200 of them given to Naylor from the Fransens and the limited availability.

I checked Naylor this morning and of course they are sold out :( Jim's has it though, but I have bought a lot of Hosta in the last 48 hours (all started with the Bridgewood sale . . . downhill from there).

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Moccasin, here's a small hosta with the colours you are looking for... Little Sunspot. i googled it to make sure the margin was green and found that Paul in mn posted a lovely one last year. I like his companion plantings. Here's mine.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Paul's On Stage is really perky and older than mine. I took this picture this spring after a rainfall. I find the leaves to be thin. After cutworm damage mine isn't too pretty right now

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

My Paradigm must be in more shade than I like to Grow's.The gold in his is much brighter or it could also be his higher zone. Someone in an earlier post on GW this year seemed to feel that Paradigm was a Brother Stefan look-alike.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

I found this picture of Brother Stefan taken last August.This year it developed a green eye which I removed.

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Thanks... My PUC is kinda sloppy..I've seen some with very perfect margins and little streaking... Mine came from a bb store and each year has looked less and less uniform....
My Paradigm is in good shade...and if I remember correctly it came from hallsons...but here in southern Kentucky I think the heat/humidity is key to getting me good yellow colors... When I put yellow in more sun.... They turn near white too quickly... My PUC, Orange Marmalade, Paul's Glory, August Moon all go white quickly...even in our cooler sunlight hours...
BTW I think I also have an affinity for yellow centers and green margins..lol..beautiful post most definitely... I think these are my favorite type of posts....

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Journey's End


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

The 2013 HOTY Rainforest Sunrise.


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Here's one that hasn't been mentioned yet: Captain Kirk. New this year.

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Here is my Gold Standard. Gets a lot of sun. It is really yellow! Considering moving it next year, but I also kinda like the different look.

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Not mentioned so far are:


Morning Light

Gypsy Rose


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la la la, I've quite a long list at this point. Mention of Captain Kirk reminded me of Captain's Adventure.....

did not realize I had not updated its photo lately. better do that soon.

Also, does anyone else grow Princess Anastasia? I found it in June, at Green Mountain Hosta I think it was. The photo is among the first I uploaded in this thread.

All the great input makes this a treasure trove of pictures for a beautiful color combination.

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waistdeep(SW OH 5b)

Thanks to everyone for helping add to the "I've got to have that" list. Always liked this combination. Some new and repeats. Please ignore the holes and crispies (sp).

Garden Party

Old Glory

Yesterdays Memories

Brother Stefan


Midwest Magic with Paradigm in the background

Cathedral Windows

Now where did I put my "Hosta Finder"

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I've gotten busy at work and had to hunt to find this post.

Such lovely hosta photos from everyone, just beautiful! Also, in your hosta photos there are great ideas for companion plantings.

Thanks moccasinlanding for the greeting. I will start an ID thread, with more info as suggested, after I make more observations :-) The Gold Standard ID looks promising.

Here is a pic of June in my hosta garden. It gets sun from 1-4pm, which has been brutal with the harsh weather we've had.

All my garden plants, flowers and trees have taken a real beating this year. Beginning with 3 hail storms in spring and added insult of a super hot, overly dry summer.


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

Deb, I doubt you need a separate id thread for your hosta. I thought it was 'Gold Standard' as soon as I saw it. Looks just like mine and a bunch others I've seen. It's a very old hosta that grows well and is commonly available in stores.

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jan_on zone 5b

Lots that fit this description. Here are two more.
Janet (holding up well this summer)
Dance With Me

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I'm glad Old Glory was finally shown. I was still going through the posts and getting ready to dip into my photo-bucket for it. Also, no one has mentioned Eskimo Pie. If they did I missed it. I hesitate to show what I now think is EP (used to think it was On Stage) but the book is still out until I see it bloom. The Library photos of Eskimo Pie are quite attractive.

Moc, I have Old Glory and Paul's Glory living side by side and prefer OG. The only reason is that I am not a big fan of the deep gold color PG developes. I prefer more pastel chartreuse yellows or green, with the dark green margins. I have to get down on hands and knees to see the green margins of my PUDC and my therapist is just beginning to work on getting me back up from a kneeling position. (lol)

Oh well, for what it is worth here is my NOID that I think is Eskimo Pie. Never bought EP but I did a hosta labelled On Stage, so I think it was mistagged at the nursery.


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Oh mercy, Les, I have to wipe the tears from my eyes from your mental image with the therapist getting you back up!!!
wheeeeeee, that is a real hoot!!

I'll have to say I have an Eskimo Pie which is in dire straits at this time, might just croak on me, so I cannot confirm anything for you. Also, I have the On Stage due to arrive either today or tomorrow I think, depending....and I forget depending on WHAT....but due soon.

Lovely plant whatever it is.

You know, I did not think about White Elephant.....but it is not narrow green margins. A lot of the middle is going streaking green on me. Guess it needs more sun. I hate that...because I am a real chicken when it comes to putting my hosta out in all this heat and humidity, and sunshine.

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Thanks for the ID re-confirmation!
Janet is sure a pretty one. I like the more rounded leaves and corrugation makes her interesting.


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