Friends School Sale - List your loot!

meeperx(z4/5 Mpls)May 13, 2007

What did everyone get? Were you happy with the selection.?

I went Friday just to scope things out and again on Sunday for the 1/2 price sale.

Here's what I bought:


2 Degroot Spire Arborvitae

2 Chamaecyparis 'Heather Bun'


2 Ornamental Pepper (Capsicum annuum ÂBlack PearlÂ)

3 4-pack Ornamental Cabbage (Nagoya Mix and Peacock Red)

1 6-pack Nicotiana langsdorfii (Chartruese Flowers)

1 6-pack Amaranth 'Dreadlocks'

1 Gaura 'CorrieÂs Gold'

1 Gaura 'Siskiyou Pink'


1 Golden Marguerite

2 Wine Cups

1 BachelorÂs Buttons 'Gold Bullion'

1 10-pack Liatris Bulbs

I thought the selection was pretty good overall. The organizers should think about carrying more natives-since they are so popular and almost always sell out.

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birdwing(z4 MN)

ok here goes..


nicotiana mutabilis
nicotiana elata
nicotiana daylight sensation
nigella red jewel
nigella hispanica
licorice plant golden
poppy ladybird
verbena bonariensis


thai basil
french tarragon
lavender munstead
lavender french


tomato mortgage lifter
tomato omar's lebanese


columbine black barlow
columbine nora barlow
columbine limesorbet
delphinium pagan purples
hollyhock the watchman
scabiosa pink (something..)
scabiosa chat noir (i was really excited about this one
says it's a perennial but looks just like the annual scabiosas
i've grown from seed in the past..not like other perennial scabiosa..)



himalayan blue poppies (we'll see i guess)

crop failures..

persistent bluebells
grapevine valiant

anyone know about that scabiosa? I'll be surprised if it's really perennial tho that's how they listed it..

again, I tried to figure out who any of you might be while standing in the line friday..we were probably about 100 people back..was that an extra long line compared to other years?

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

I can't believe it, I didn't go. We went to our cabin to open it instead. That was fun and I did manage to get to a local nursery to pick up a few goodies.

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did anyone go on sunday--how was the selection? I don't have my list handy but I spent well over two hundred...

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I went on Friday at about 12:30, and stopped by again on Sunday at 1. The selection wasn't great on Sunday - I just wandered around and picked up things that looked interesting to me. On Friday, everyone was lined up to get in, while on Sunday, everyone was lined up to get out.

I got almost everything I wanted on Friday. I think some intrepid volunteer must have cleaned out the Wherry's foamflower on Thursday night, as it was gone by 1:00 on Friday!

A sampling...

Astilbe, Bressingham Beauty Pink and Sprite
Big Foot Cranesbill, Walter Ingwersen
Hostas, Tick Tock and Paradise Expectations

Tomatoes, Cherokee Purple, Costoluto Genovese, Principe Borghese
Peppers, Lady Bell, fish pepper, jalapenos
Broccoli Romanesco
Egyptian walking onions
various herbs of no great originality

I only spent about $90 in total. Next year may be worse, as I'll be needing some shrubs and small trees.

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OK, you asked for it! Just remember that my garden is only four years old and still expanding and that I need a lot of annuals in order to get enough orange and "black."

Thursday pre-sale:

Amaranth ÂHot BiscuitsÂ
Centaurea cyanus ÂMidnightÂ
Begonia ÂBonfireÂ
Rudbeckia ÂChocolate OrangeÂ
Asclepias curassavica both red and gold
Calendula ÂIndian PrinceÂ
Canna ÂBlack Knight ÂOrange Beauty ÂRed King Humbert & ÂRosemond ColeÂ
Cosmos ÂSolar FlareÂ
Chocolate Cosmos
Coreopsis ÂMahogany MidgetÂ
Dahlia ÂHappy DateÂ
Carex ÂCappuccino & ÂToffee TwistÂ
Millet ÂJesterÂ
Bronze Fennel
Geranium Tricolor
Hibiscus ÂMaple SugarÂ
Ivy ÂPedataÂ
Nigella hispanica
Tithonia ÂTorchÂ
Calibrachoa ÂCrackling FireÂ
Nasturtiums all of them
Nemesia ÂAngelart Orange (wish IÂd bought more)
Marigold ÂMr. Majestic & ÂTangerine GemÂ
Nipple Fruit
Ornamental Peppers ÂBlack Pearl & ÂMidnightÂ
California Poppies
Ladybird Poppies
Alternanthera ÂPurple KnightÂ
Burgundy Dracaena
Euphorbia cotinifolia
Ipomopsis rubra
Verbena bonariensis
Zinnia ÂProfusion FireÂ

Michigan Lily & Wood Lily
Amethyst Fescue & Hakonechloa ÂAureolaÂ
Lily ÂMatrixÂ
Crocosmias all of them
Mina lobata
Siberian DutchmanÂs Pipe
Honeysuckles ÂDropmore Scarlet & ÂMandarinÂ
Morning Glory ÂSunspotÂ
various tomatoes & herbs

Geum ÂCookyÂ
Aquilegia ÂLeprechaun Gold & ÂBlack Barlow & ÂLittle LanternÂ
Heuchera ÂCaramelÂ
Corydalis lutea
Bloody Dock
Brunnera ÂHadspen CreamÂ
Maidenhair ferns
Asclepias ÂGay Butterflies (always buy, trying to get the red)
Digitalis parviflora & obscura
Hellebore ÂOptimismÂ
Baptisia ÂTwilite Prairie BluesÂ
Iris ÂBlack GamecockÂ
Geranium ÂDark ReiterÂ
Hollyhock ÂWatchmanÂ
Scabiosa ÂChat NoirÂ
Icelandic Poppies
Purple Prairie Clover ÂStephanieÂ
Kniphofia ÂFlamencoÂ
variegated SolomonÂs Seal
Euphorbia ÂBonfireÂ
Dianthus ÂBlack AdderÂ
various Sedums
Ipomopsis aggregata
Turkscap Lily
Lavender ÂOtto Quast & ÂPassioneÂ

Sunday 1/2 price sale:

De Groots Spire
Thalictrum ÂBlack StockingÂ
Trollius  Orange PrincessÂ
Yellow Horned Poppy
more of several things I already bought on Thursday

There wasn't much left on Sunday because there were so many customers on Friday & Saturday -- one organizer estimated it was twice last year's turnout. I was up towards the front of the line & I was shocked to see all the empty tables, but glad for the Friends School which doesn't make money on the Sunday sale.

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birdwing(z4 MN)

i noticed the Chat Noir on your list too..I've tried looking it up and all sources I've found say zone 7. I wonder why they say it's perennial? Is it different somehow?..very curious because this is one of my favorite flowers.

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I was excited to get three little blue beeches, a acer truncatum and a seedling from acer palmatum 'bloodgood'. Also a yellow flowered weigela. Normally I don't really like weigela but the color was so soft and nice and it's a different species (subsessilis not florida) I thought I'd give it a try.

I also got a lots of perennials and annuals -- I barely can remember them all!


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mcali(Zone 4)

I saved for this year! Got everything in one day: Friday. Spent th rest of the weekend planting...

Azalea, ÂTri-LightsÂ
Panicled Hydrangea, ÂLime LightÂ
Black Elderberry, ÂBlack LaceÂ
Dappled Willow, ÂHakuro NishikiÂ
Snowball Bush ÂRoseumÂ

Ornamental Grasses:
Feather Reed Grass ÂAvalanche
aiden Grass ÂFlame GrassÂ
Sedge, ÂIce DanceÂ

Clematis Niobe

Brussels Sprouts ÂFalstaff RedÂ
Broccoli ÂViolet QueenÂ
Summer Squash ÂSunb
Tomato ÂValenciaÂ
Tomato ÂBrandywineÂ
Onion ÂWhite Sweet SpanishÂ
Leeks ÂRikorÂ

Basil ÂRed RubinÂ
Basil ÂAfrican BlueÂ
Parsley, Italian
Rosemary ÂSpice IslandÂ

Bee Balm ÂPrairie NightÂ
Black Eyed Susan ÂGoldsturmÂ
Giant Blazing Star ÂEurekaÂ
Coneflower ÂBig Sky SunsetÂ
Coneflower ÂHarvest MoonÂ
Coreopsis ÂEarly SunriseÂ
Daylily ÂCrimson PirateÂ
Daylily ÂRed VolunteerÂ
Gas Plant
Sage ÂPlumosaÂ
Hosta ÂFranceeÂ
Blue Indigo
JupiterÂs Beard
Whorled Loosestrife ÂAlexanderÂ

ÂPink PerfectionÂ
ÂCasa BlancaÂ

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