Shiraswanum autumn moon health

elark(z5b kck)October 4, 2005

This will have been the trees first summer in my yard. Probably a three or four year old tree that was bought at the nursery last spring and planted in the spring as well. I thought I had picked a good spot for it but it does not look so good anymore. I am awaiting the fall color but the leaves of this tree are a bit curled, dry and crumbling at the tips. The strange thing is that it also has new growth, buds and new leaves.

The tree gets a bit of early morning sun then shaded by a large tree until about noon. From noon to around 3pm it gets good sun then shaded by the house for the rest of the day. I also have a Seiryu, Kagiri Nishiki, Chishio, and Crimson Queen in the same garden. These are getting bit more sun as they are not shaded by the house as much and are all doing great.

The garden receives plenty of water and I have only fertilized the trees once during the spring. Does this tree need more light than the average J.maple? Does it need more fertilizer? Too much water? Should I be looking for disease?

And would it be ok after only having it in this spot for one season to move it this fall to a brighter spot or should I just give it some more time?

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The leaf damage sounds like too much sun or heat and not enough water. I would not move this tree this autumn. If you want to move it do so in early spring before leaf break. That is generally agreed upon from what I have read.

My Autumn Moon gets around 4-5 hours sun and has done pretty well. I have noticed that it is prone to some leaf damage, but it is a container tree and I give it a fair amount of attention. The leaves are somewhat thin, so that lends itself to burning or drying. It is one of my very favorite trees, too.

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elark(z5b kck)

hmmm...Heat has been an issue with no rain for two or three weeks a couple times this year. I did water though and the other trees are not showing any of the same symptoms. Could be this is just a more sensitive tree than the others. I guess I will leave it be and keep in mind it's extra care for next season.

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newgars(z5a WI)

My Autumn Moon has done much better since I moved it into full shade.

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marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)

NEWgars, how did the new location in full shade affect the leave color and fall coloration? I read that Autumn Moon does need more sunlight than Aureum in order to develop the characteristic leave color. Would be interesting to see what effect the move had on yours.

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newgars(z5a WI)

The fall color was a very nice orange this fall. Overall the plant just seems to be faring much better in its new shady location.

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smalljaw(z 6b mid TN)

I agree more sun for 'Autumn Moon' than 'Aureum' . Mine in almost full shade looks o.k. , but the biggun' in all day filtered light is rocking . I paid $25 for it when it was 7' tall , what a deal . This nursery had no clue , they still don't . I heard they got a bunch and several were not labeled so on sale they went . I talked to the purtee lady there inquiring about the ones that were left . She said they burned the rest . What a bunch of wackos . They had to make room for the mundane , cause that is what they got . I have not been back in 4 years and will never go there again .

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$25 for a 7 feet Autumn Moon is an amazing deal. It's one of my favorite maples and I have it in 90% shaded patio. It's probaly needs a little more sun cause the leaves are mostly light green almost like Golden Fullmoon. I paid $75 2 years ago for a thin 3 feet tall tree and thought I had a good deal. Enjoy :)

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Was it B&B or potted? If B&B insufficient root stock might be inadequate to support new growth and cause poor performance. On some of the B&B trees and conifers you would be surprised what they leave you when not dug properly.

If potted I assume root stock us untangled and prepared properly.

In any case I would not fertilize any more. I would not amend the soil or fertilize any plants in your garden with out a soil test. Know what you soil deficiencies are if any.

I don't think sun is the issue. For proper coloring it needs at least 4-6 hours of good sun.


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