Raised Bed Groundcover

Saskia_LMay 10, 2011

I'm looking for opinions on vinca as a groundcover in a raised bed. I know that vinca can be invasive, but the spot I'm looking to put it (this won't be until next spring) is a large round raised bed (3 ft high) backing up to a concrete porch slab. The reading I've done tells me invasiveness shouldn't be a problem in such a controlled area, but I'd love some opinions before I make a decision.

If more info would help, the raised bed is on a front, west facing corner of the house and currently contains a crabapple tree, about eight years old. It has crabapple blight. I have four crabapples and they all have it, but they're about 2/3 through some sort of treatment program from a tree service. The raised bed has rock, not mulch, and some sort of creeping junipers. I've tried for YEARS to get those stupid junipers to fill in the raised bed, but even though they're healthy, they are very uncooperative so I will be removing both the junipers and the rock and transplanting the whole lot to a large bed under three pin oaks in the backyard. The crabapple will remain in the raised bed in the front and I'd like to mulch the bed and plant a groundcover that will actually fill it in. I need something hardy that can take both sun and shade, and I'd like something that flowers and has nice green foliage. I've had vinca in that same spot before and it really thrived with absolutely no attention paid to it beyond the sprinkler system, although it was in a couple of containers set on the rock ledge of the bed and I basically used it as an annual.

It seems like vinca would fit my needs very well, but I'd really appreciate input from others. I'm not in a hurry to make a decision, as I won't actually be doing this project until next spring.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

There was vinca here when we moved in 22 years ago and it's still in the same place as when we moved here. It's semi contained and once every two or three years I might have to pull up a plant or two that are creeping out of the semi contained area.

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