Transplanting Japanese Maple safely?

ryank817November 3, 2012

We got a nice young Coral Bark Japanese Maple this year, and it has only looked so-so since it was planted, with lots of leaves curling up and dying throughout the summer and fall. We have pretty horribly compacted Georgia clay, and I believe the guy who planted it just dug the whole wide enough to squeeze the root ball in the ground, and I think we're getting the clay pot effect. I want to transplant it to another flower bed on my property, till up the whole bed it's in now and properly amend the soil with conditioner and compost, then bring the maple back into the good soil (likely a multi-day process, it's horrible clay). Can a Japanese Maple hand that much trauma during the fall/winter months in the warm eastern GA climate, or is all that moving around that quickly going to be too much for it?

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I wonder whether your maple will make it through the winter in its current situation, Ryan. It sounds pretty sad. If it were my tree, I would go ahead and take a chance by transplanting it. It sounds as if you know what you're doing and would handle the job properly.

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