New leaves on Japanese Maple dying

elliekhanNovember 8, 2012

I have a japanese maple in a pot. Since the start of spring it has grown vigorously with long branches and healthy leaves sprouting. In the past week however, the newest leaves on the tips of these branches has begun to wilt and dry out, before eventually falling off. I water the plant two- three times a week, depending on how hot it has been. It gets morning sun until about 11am.

What is going wrong?! Am I watering too much, or too little? Does the soil need extra nutrients to reach the tips of the branches?

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Difficult to know about watering needs remotely but I'd suspect that as a problem before anything else. How frequently you may need to water depends on the size of the container, how long the plant has been in it, potting medium and of course the weather - how hot, any rainfall, if the container is in sun, etc.

In full season here, it is not abnormal to need to water containerized plants on a daily basis. In very warm weather and for smaller sized containers, that could be bumped up to twice a day.

Containerized plants will always need more routine fertilization than those in the ground simply because they don't have any other resources to draw upon. I use a slow release fertilizer (like Osmocote) at the start of the season then infrequently supplement with a dilute water soluble fert for the rest of the growing season.....maybe a total of 3 or 4 times, stopping about the end of July (or a good two months before leaf change and the beginning of dormancy).

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Thank you for your reply! I am going to abstain from watering for a couple of days and see how we go. I now think I have a problem with a pest, so am going to post another thread now to seek help!

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