Squash Casserole

CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)July 22, 2014

Hi all!
I'm trying to ID some of my hosta. I've located what I think is a Squash Casserole. The leaves match exactly, which is unusual. :)

However, this upright has reddish stems. It only goes about 3" up and fades out, but definitely red enough I'm going to put it in the ground where it can be seen.

Any thoughts on this? Does your Squash Casserole have any red?

The thing is, I also had an August Moon at one point...
But I'm pretty sure that died, along with Yellow River in a bad spot.

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Can you show us a photo? They are easy to post. If you can get it on your computer, that's about the most technical part.

When you have finished writing your message and have checked that it's the way you like it, click on the "Browse" button on the gray line above the message box and it will go to your computer. Navigate to the photo and click on open. Then preview your message and post. (If something is wrong and you have to preview your message again, you have to add the photo again. It doesn't look like it, but it will not show up after two previews.)

To answer your question, yes, Squash Casserole has some red legs. If you'll check the second Hosta library photo, you can see the red legs

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta library S's

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

I've been around long enough to know if I had a photo it would be useful. I don't have a camera and am using a 12 year old cell phone right now because my 5 year old phone crapped out on me. I'm sure you meant to be helpful.

The Hosta library picture on my monitor looks like dirt, not red. Believe me, I'm searched ever hosta site I can locate and none mention any red at all. Given how it's the newest "thang" in hosta, you'd thing at least one vendor would mention it.

In the meanwhile, Mickfield Hosta's leaf index has let me easily identify some obvious ones: Jimmy Crack Corn, Patriot, Kabitan, Red October, Red Hot Flash, Raspberry Sorbet, and Masquerade. Not too bad. And interesting how the leave patterns can match up exactly!

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If Moccasinlanding sees this thread, she will jump in and give you all the info you need since Squash Casserole is one of her all time favorite hostas.


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Seem to see some on one of my pics and also on pic of Key Lime Pie (a sport).

Also 2nd pic of HL shows red not dirt (plant has mulch around it, so no splash up).


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I think the flowers petioles has kinda of purple color.. but just a lil reddish on the leaves pet.

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I don't seem to have any new pics of Squash Casserole uploaded, but I will get a close shot of the petioles when I'm outside this evening. Here is a pic from late May. There does appear to be some color at the base.

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It's not mentioned on Squash Casserole as it's an older variety and doesn't have very long "red legs". It also has much more going for it than just red legs. I went to look at mine and the red only goes up about an inch. On newer varieties, the red is going all the way up and into the leaf.

I just checked my August Moon and it does not have red legs.


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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Only about an inch of mine is red at the base of the petioles, also. It may matter how much sun it gets as to how much red stays in the petioles and how high. This is just a guess, not even an educated one, just a factor/stray thought to consider.

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

Now that is helpful information. Nice pics!

Paul, all monitors resolve differently. HL's pic was not red at my house.

I appreciate the feedback from those of you who have Squash Casserole IRL.

Interestingly enough, my is a very lovely gold. All the pics I see (remember: monitors) display it as a lovely, lime green. Go figure.

DonnaDelaware, I look forward to Moccasinlanding showing up.

I'm getting pretty excited about creating yet another hosta bed. I want to do this right, taking size into consideration, height, flower color, etc. I have to deal with Patriot and Sun Power crowding each other out of a corner of a raised bed. Before I knew anything about gardening and they were small, it was fine.

My count is 68 named that have survived almost 7 years of neglect and being potted. Then there are the lost labels...When I think about the same count of lost hosta, I'm sick.

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Squash Casserole has the best leaf color vs. flower color I've ever seen. They must be exactly opposite on the color wheel. Even my color blind DH noticed the perfectly complimentary colors.


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bragu_DSM 5

the base of the pets on squash casserole has the mildest of red flecks for the first couple of inches. you can almost miss it. when the flower stalk comes up, it will be almost purple.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

My h.'Squash Casserole' has only 1 inch reddish up the petioles, but the flower stalks are up reddish a foot. Flowers are a nice blue right now, picture is one week old. Bernd

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

Oh, I'm glad to see the scapes. Mine hasn't put out yet, but I'm waiting. I knew exactly where it's going to go.

I just had someone over to dig out hellebores that bore me. Boring cream color, invasive reseeders they are. So now I have (yet another) perfectly clean garden to replant. I'm thinking Squash Casserole will be the star on one side, with some smaller, green probably with red hosta in front. But then, a lovely heuchera, such as Velvet Night, Blackbird, or some of the other, dark purples would also compliment The Squash!

So, most of my hosta are in dire need of dividing, as I take them out of their 8-10 year pots. People still trading these days! [My wheels are turning...]

I really appreciate the pics and your experiences with this beauty.

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I'm sure people are still trading, very carefully, though.


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