Ecoli paranoia

Rio_GrandeSeptember 5, 2013

We are preparing for a inspection to be able to sell to our local stores and restaurants. We have followed recomended safe practices for years but all the info I have been reading on ecoli has me paranoid as heck!
It appears that composting dosent necessarily kill it, it can lay dormant for long periods, heck after we sell the produce it can be contaminated. Can't wash it off for sure, even mild bleach rinse is no guarantee.

Seems like no way to win although we have never had an issue, don't fertalize growing crops with any type of raw manure. Use precautions when picking and handling, all products are reined 3 times before going to market but according to the reading non of that actually gets rid of it?

Yet I rarely hear of an outbreak that isint related to one of the above.

Reason for further concern or just my paranoia?

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I think there's no need to worry. To the best of my knowledge, E-coli comes from raw manure and human fecal matter. Since you don't use the former, and I'm SURE you don't touch the latter (:)), there shouldn't be an issue.

Many of these e-coli outbreaks on commercial veggies can be traced to the veggie being handled by someone who previously touched something else that was contaminated with fecal matter, either from the same person or someone else.

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