Tree for alley?

kellygreen(7 DC)July 5, 2005

We have a small plot of land outside our fence on the alley where three intertwined trees grew. Sadly, we lost two of the elms to Dutch Elm (and removed the Tree of Heaven at the same time). The trees had a nice, arching quality to them, which we miss. We would like to replace them with one good tree that will grow tall. The area gets a mixture of sun and shade (though most of the shade comes from a neighbor's elm, which looks like it will be next to go). Any thoughts on a good replacement? It should be a fairly tough tree for alley conditions (watering it will be a challenge, though I will try one of those tree bags). Also, when would be a good time to plant?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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gardenpaws_VA(z7 NoVA)

Tree bags are great! I'm so glad to see them being used - I'm sure that they save many newly-planted street trees from an early demise.
Plant in early fall, if possible, once the weather cools off, and I'd suggest considering a zelkova. It has a shape somewhat like the elms you miss, and my understanding is that it's pretty tough. It's also a nice "unmessy" tree, with some fall and winter interest.

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Kathy46(Z6 Pa)

I believe there are newer cultivars of elms that are resistant to dutch elm disease. Have you tried the tree forum ?


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kellygreen(7 DC)

Thanks for the responses. I've been a little wary about elms. Clearly, we've got a serious infestation of the disease in our yard (last year we lost another beauty to it). I question whether resistance will last the life of a tree. Those pests mutate pretty quickly. I know that the NPS has enough confidence to be planting the new varieties, but knowing how long resistance usually lasts has given me doubts...

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