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lurkernomore_2009November 7, 2009

Hi, I am on my way to developing a Japanese maple addiction and need some guidance as to their care.

I have 3 maples, a Bloodgood, a Tamukeyama, and I guess a generic kind of redleaf (garden center labeling was somewhat lacking) and they are good sized (3 feet to 5 feet) and in the ground. They kind of set things off. I now have 4 new maples and 2 more on the way that are small grafts about 2 feet in height. They are little more than branched sticks at this point. I also bought an end of season sale Waterfall that is well developed, broad and about 2-1/2 feet tall.

I need to know how to overwinter these guys. The grafts are in 5 inch pots and the Waterfall is in a 10 gallon. I can keep them on an enclosed porch with southern exposure over the winter, but is that sufficient to keep them from freezing solid? Should I group them together in a box with bubble wrap or some kind of mulch to help insulate them?

Thanks for your help. This site has been very informative.

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Do a search on winterizing maples on this forum - you'll turn up a variety of posts that address this issue. The little guys will need more protection than the 10G plant, just by virtue of their tiny pot size and corresponding small root system. I'd suggest keeping them in a protected location where the temperature is unlikely to go much below freezing. Or slip the small pots into a larger pot filled with good potting soil.

Here's one recent thread to get you started. Note the OP's zone in this case is higher than yours so specific advice may not apply but the info on cold hardiness and the potential for root damage is just as valid regardless of zones.

Here is a link that might be useful: winterizing J. maples

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