MN-hardy tree rose

garystpaul(4)May 27, 2009

[I hope I don't get blasted for posting this twice, once here and once on the Rose Forum, but they seemed like distinct audiences. Anyway...]

I saw this in a neighbor's garden: what looks like a Canadian Explorer rose grown as a standard, about 5' tall, leafed out to the tips and full of buds. The guy who planted it probably bought it locally, but (of course, grrr) doesn't remember the name or anything else.

I've never seen a MN-hardy rose grown as a standard before, but this one promises to be stunning.. I have to go back to see whether it's been trained as a standard or if there's a graft. Perhaps these are more common than I think: does anyone know about them? GaryStPaul.

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For those interested in this thread I've gotten some great responses over on the Roses forum. GaryStPaul

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Gary, can you post a link to the other thread? I can't find it.

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Hi, Elleni

It's already on page 3 of the Roses Forum. Try this:


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My neighbor bought one, it looks pretty good after its first winter, it is in a protected spot. I believe they are grafted, I do not know what they use for stock. I have to say I was awfully sketpical, but it is looking good now. My neighbor is good at keeping her information, so when I get a chance to talk to her, I can let you know what I find out. I also know the nursery she bought it from and I know the owner will give me more info when I see him.


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Thanks, Helen. The ones I've seenÂin my neighbor's yard and at Gerten's (about a dozen of them)Âare not grafted, but rather trained to grow as a standard. Mine is in full bloom right now. I have to say it's spectacular, especially for a single. I will water well throughout the fall and protect the 'trunk' over the winter from the rose-cane-fancying rabbits so abundant here in St. Paul, but am hoping the top will pull through on its own (my neighbor's specimen was also in a protected spot; mine is not). --GaryStPaul

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I quickly read this and didn't see a hybrid name. I have grown "Polar Joy" for 3 or 4 years now and my neighbor also. They are both doing quite well. Mine is a tree form and her's is more of a shrub, tho sold as a tree. Both are pink, sort of a wild rose look and they are on their own root. Hers is on the west side of house and mine the south with some tree shade. Have had no disease or pest problems. They rebloom a fair amount, so it seems we always have a bloom or so, but spring it is loaded. Love them both.

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thanks, jan. this comes late in the game, but: i've tried the rose twice now (gerten's has a replacement policy, for one year anyway). it grows well, blooms beautifully, then around late july-early august it develops of disease. the leaves get crinkled and the whole plant sickens and dies. i cannot identify the ailment: i see no spider mites or other pests; its doesn't have powdery mildew or any virus I know of. i simply can't account for it. I'm fairly experienced at growing roses in this climate and have fussed over this plant like no other: Great soil, lots of compost, mulch, no standing water, blah, blah. it's happened TWICE now, both years. my neighbor's Polar Joy standard is gorgeous every year and they do nothing to it. i've posted this on the rose forum, with pics, but have not gotten any real help. It's disappointing, but (garden fool that I am), I'm ready to try again this year, perhaps in a different spot.

If anyone has had a similar experience or has suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. Gary

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