tinyspaceinannapolisJuly 23, 2014

I started a new 10' x 12' raised bed this year and bought a 50:50 truckload of soil and Leafgro and got to planting. I expected the corn to JUMP out of the ground but after promptly coming up, the seedlings just sat there for 45 days. This leads me to believe the leafgro is nearly useless except to provide tilth - certainly not at all like any homemade compost!
Has anybody had a better experience?

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I had a similar experience with purchased soil/compost mix. I have to wonder if these mixes need to age or if the pH is wonky. Leafgro is a good soil amendment, but I'm not sure what percentage it should be. 50/50 would be pretty airy stuff and possibly dry out more quickly.

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Have had good success over the years from leafgro. But do remember that if it isn't fully composted it may lockup nitrogen for the first season.

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