Decimated by Pestilence, Yup I feel like giving up!!

sandra_christieJuly 5, 2007

Tonight I had to yank out all of my crookneck squash plants, it was a sorry mess. I realized something (bad) was up when I went to get some squash and two of the moths were frollicking among the plants. On closer inspection (now I realize that means being MUCH more diligent than I had been) I saw several frass and holes, and each plant had at least 4 grubs in the stems, and numerous eggs all over. I've had some beautiful squash for the past month, so I guess I've had a good run (maybe 50 squash total), but it was a sad task. Just sharing.

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So start another crop! You have time before frost to get in another batch. Plus, the extra warm ground this time of year makes germination just 2-3 days instead of the week it takes in spring. (I found that out when I put out some squash seeds in pots a couple of weeks ago. In 5 days they were a couple of inches tall. I sincerely think they'll be blooming in 30 days from seed!)

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Wow another chance! I think I'll go for it, and I might even miss the squash borer this time if they have gone through their cycles. Fascinating business this gardening, isn't it. Will plant seeds tomorrow!!!
Happy Again in Annapolis.

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