why can i not open myhostas.be?

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)July 20, 2013

I spent yesterday and today, trying to direct Firefox to open a SAVED BOOKMARK to Myhostas.be

It keeps opening a small box telling me to select the app to use to open the site.

What is that all about? For the last two years, I've been able to visit the site like any other place. Now it says it is an APP?
What is wrong with Windows 7 Pro, SP1? I want to check out the list of sports, and cannot get there. Nor even view the SEARCH from the main index of it.

Has anyone else encountered this frustrating condition?

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bernd ny zone5

I never go to Myhostas.be directly, always go first to hostalibrary.org then selecting the hosta, then clicking on the top of the picture page for these data. I never have a problem. I seem to have read years ago that myhostas.be did come from the US originally, was not created in Belgium and that there was some controversy about that move. Bernd

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Bernd, there is a great part of the MyHostas.Be which has the whole list of hostas with sports. Then there is the part where you can enter part of a name, and it will search and list the options. That is the home page, and I cannot go directly there.

I was looking for Mariachi while ago in the Hosta Library, it was not there. So to access it with the MYHOSTAS.BE, I had to know its parent (Guacamole) and look that up in Hosta Library, then click on it, and see the list of progeny for Guacamole listed at the right margin.

Something has changed, I have no idea what. I'm thinking Windows is turning toward APPS so much these days, it is thinking strange named websites are apps? Anyway, it is a very frustrating matter, when a lot of these fragrants I've recently planted are not in the Hosta Library. A real bummer.

Maybe I need to do a computer tuneup. Or maybe Firefox did some tinkering with the apps. It's driving me crazy.

Don't mess with my hosta information, software developers!

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I also had trouble from my bookmark (got the "do you want to open or save" message), but then tried this way and it worked . . .

Here is a link that might be useful: Try this

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nope,,,,doesn't work
still can't open up to SEE the sports

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I noticed this the other day too, also trying to check the hosta sports, and on my browser it asked if I was sure I wanted to download an application. I declined as that just isn't quite right, and seems like the website has been hijacked somehow.

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Right. cannot see diddly.

So. It is my contention that they got a new webmaster or whatever, to update the website, and they have removed portions of the site.....the portions that I'm interested in, to be specific.

I guess it remains for me to be patient, and see if they will return access to the sports and the family tree of all the sporting hosta. It was very informative, and it helped me to acquire all the sports of several fragrant hosta.

If anyone else is able to access all the old features of MYHOSTAS.BE any time soon, please let the rest of us know. Muchas gracias, senor y senorita. :)

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Oops, I posted before I read your take on it, Chris. I sure hope it is not a hijack, since I tried every approach possible to discover an APP for the site. I figured Windows 8 was the problem, with so many software writers trying to hitch a ride with the Win8 desire to promote more APPS.

I guess I'd better do some intensive antivirus scanning this afternoon. Sure cannot garden today....it stopped raining for a short time, and now it is back with wind from a different direction. Plus thunder this half. Guess we don't have grilled steak tonight after all.

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Moccasin , I too had trouble with this site saved in my favorites but tonight tried to and it is back to working and showing all the required hosta family information yah!

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Thanks, Faye. I'll go to the site and set up new links for it in my Bookmarked Favorites.

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