Height and Width for Acer P 'Red Pygmy'

ikea_gwNovember 2, 2009

Vertrees says Red Pygmy will be 6 feet in height and width in 20 years. That seems really small for an upright Acer P. And also very slow growing. Anyone have this tree in their garden? What is your experience with the growth rate and ultimate height and width?

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LOL!! They come a lot smaller than that! I'd be surprised to see 'Sharp's Pygmy', 'Hupp's Dwarf' or 'Yuri Hime' hit much beyond 3-4' and 'Mikawa Yatsubusa' very much more than that. And there's quite a few other cultivars in the same height range. Many of these true dwarfs (Group 6 in JM classification) are used widely for bonsai.

'Red Pygmy' is actually considered a semi-dwarf in the Group 5 classification, Linearlobums, and could get as large as 10-13' with a spread of about half that. Growth rate is slow to moderate.

Ultimate size of any cultivar of Japanese maple is always a matter of some discussion - check 3 different sources and you'll get three different answers :-) It may be best to plan for the largest size you find listed but expect the smaller.

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The garden center I bought my maple from had a few 6 feet tall Red Pygmy that are about that wide as well. They certainly don't look like 20 year old trees. I wonder if they are some other linearlobums masquerading as 'Red Pygmy'.

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