Heat tolerant Japanese Maples?????

abfanhunterNovember 23, 2013

Please! Is there any Japanese Maples Experts out there that can help identify, if any,Japanese Maples that can tolerate full sun of Southern California.No ,not pure Red Maples such as Blood Goods and Emperor 1's.

I just want the Sexy Hot Pinks and Varigated Maples, some the change colors through the seasons other than red.I would love to have a hana matoi, Geisha Gone wild, shiraz, Butterfly Japanese Maples that can survive the heat in full sun.

Any Maples out there like this that can take the heat???

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Unfortunately not. While the solidly colored red leaved maples (like the Bloodgood, etc.) are quite heat and sun tolerant, the variegated or lighter colored/pink maples are not. They need a somewhat mild climate - not too hot and not too cold - and at least afternoon sun.

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