Standard Polar Joy trouble

debrajeanetteMay 23, 2010

Has anyone had success with overwintering a standard Polar Joy in zone 4? I have replaced mine a couple of times already and it died again. It gets a lot of suckers which I cut off. Not sure whether there is something special I should be doing to help it get through the winter. I don't want to give up because it's so beautiful in bloom.

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Debrajeanette, I bought one last year and by the end of the season, despite what I considered great care, it was toastÂalmost literally, as though some insect or virus had attacked it, leaving all leaves brown and dry, the 'trunk' dessicated. Gertens replaced it and this year's model is looking terrific so far. I have a neighbor with one that's been in four years now, and it looks fuller and better each year. His is in a fairly sheltered location, don't know if that's critical. But I remain optimistic. Let's keep them well watered and mulched and compare notes in the spring. Maybe someone else will chime in here as well. Gary

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I am making plans for next year's beds. Any comments on how your Polar Joy did during the growing season?

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I did two Polar Joys, they wintered over wonderfully out here on the prairie but I couldn't stand all the suckers. They came up in clumps of daylilies 2-3 feet away, in oriental lilies, in the middle of my George Vancouver and I decided enough was enough. I loved it but it was an invasive 'sucker'.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Since you have neglected to say (hopefully not purposely),
maybe you could let the rest of us in on the big secret:

What is a Polar Joy?

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may8(Z4 MN)

Hi Leftwood, I am wondering about that too. Just did a Google search, looks like it is a rose, see attached link

Here is a link that might be useful: Polar Joy Pictures

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It is good to be back on the forum after several years of health problems. Thanks to all who were inquiring about me.

I grow POLAR JOY rose tree after years of growing many other rose tree hybrids as annuals before PJ came on the scene. I couldn't overwinter the others, even in my conservatory. They were always beautiful, but expensive to replace year after year. I felt I had to have one, because our name means rose tree. PJ is beautiful too - a single petaled soft pink rose with a white eye - looking somewhat like a wild rose.

My PJ is in the Mankato area (S. MN), I still call it zn 4. The first year, 2008, it received a few hours of shade from a big Ash tree 15' south-east of it. It did well. Since pruning the Ash, the rose tree is about 15' from the house in full sun and still does well.

PJ is terrific. I pretty much neglect it, but do mulch it (about 2-3 " of shredded cedar or chips) like my whole "Welcome Garden" by the front walk. It makes it through the winter with no problems.

In 3 years it has grown only one tall sucker which we cut off at the ground. The crown of the tree has become wider than I want, (and a wee bit rangy) now encroaching on the garden path, so I plan to do some pruning and re-shaping this spring. Hope it tolerates it. For three years, it has received little pruning, except for a couple of "bolting" branches.

My neighbor also has a 3 year old Polar Joy tucked in a north west inward jutting corner of her house (where the porch sticks out), receiving some west sun. It is next to the north and west walls. It grows more like a 4-5'round shrub and is gorgeous - laden with all those pink blooms.

Hope this helps all you rose tree lovers.
gramma jan

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I need some help....I planted a polar joy rose tree last summer and was doing wonderful. I live in SW Minnesota. Now this spring I am noticing tiny brownish buds but they really do not look like they are doing a whole lot. I also tried pruning one of the branches to see if I can see some green or if it is brittle and breaks right away. It seemed like it was bendable and had to crack off but no green. Does anyone have any ideas if I am out of luck and will have to plant a new one this season? When does this particular tree bloom? Any help would be wonderful!!!!!!

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