Hosta getting eaten...

jscaldwellJuly 14, 2014

What critters are typically attracted to munch on hosta leaves? Is garden 'dust' (pesticide) the best way to control? Thanks for any thoughts.

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Depends what's eating them.....this time of year I would guess cutworms or slugs. In spring when emerging then likely deer, rabbits or slugs. Pesticide doesn't work so good on slugs, deer, and rabbits. If cutworms, by the time you ID, they may have already morphed into pupae. Have a leaf pic of the damage?


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Nothing is eating mine right now. Besides what Paul said, it could be grasshoppers, too. They paid me a visit last year and I've seen two or three in the last couple of days. I have not seen any damage yet, though.

Don't put dust on your blue leaves. It will not wash off. Also, if it's grasshoppers, it won't do any good.

If you can get a photo of the damage, it will help.


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In your zone if they are in the ground pill bugs can get them. Sluggo Plus can help with that.

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