Japanese Maples

mrs_tlcNovember 15, 2009

Can I grow them here?

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Probably with extra water and the right soil, but they may not be real happy and you're unlikely to get much/any fall color as well.

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I think I'd be more doubtful of success because of the lack of chilling hours needed to break bud in the spring and the constant insane humidity and warm nights which would be a diseasefest but having not tried it I will leave it at that.

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Do you see any when driving around? Are they offered for sale by better area retail nurseries? That's often a good indication if they do well in your area.

Japanese maples are frequently grown in zone 10 of Southern California, especially in coastal conditions, but it is a very dry heat compared to yours and the coastal conditions tend to moderate any temperature extremes as well. You can research those that have greater tolerance for heat but I'm expecting that high humidity will be the limiting factor.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I've done a lot of traveling in Florida. From Jacksonville to Key West. I don't recall ever seeing a Japanese Maple. I saw a lot of bad drivers though. ;-)

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ltruett(Zone, 9 Houston)

I say go for it. Just make sure you have a good spot with some shade. I have some small ones growing and my weather/climate is very similar to yours but I haven't had them growing for long. I have a lot of seedlings and a couple of cultivars. You probably won't get the intense fall colors but they should grow ok.

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I just pruned my green Japanese maple. A low branch had become a limb so I cut it off the trunk. I thinned the tree so that branches are not touching. Did I do right?????
I think the tree is an Acer Palmatum. I do not want it to get too big.

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That green Japanese maple that I pruned today is in zone 7. I am so worried that I should not have cut the large limb off the trunk but it was not growing as a trunk. Maybe it is OK. Not sure I should have touched it at all but it was so think like a big blob. Actually I feel I bought the wrong type of tree. I have another that cost over $100 and it is doing fine. I think this one cost like $65 but I thought it would stay around 6 ft. at the most. I planted it last May.

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Agree with what the other folks have posted. Living in Oregon, we can do all the maples, but I've given up (finally) on orchids. Without a greenhouse up here; no go. Without a big walk in refrigerator to allow them to go dormant, probably not going to happen successfully. I lived in Florida for 21 years before moving here... Never, ever saw a japanese maple.
But you can grow tons of orchids. :)

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