veggie washing/bagging room

randy41_1October 29, 2013

for the past couple of winters i've been using the little greenhouse for washing and bagging things like salad mix, and washing and bunching carrots, etc. it is the only heated space i have to do this in. when its warm enough i can do this outside but for the most part the weather is way too cold for that in the winter.
i've got a pile of lumber from taking apart the old chicken house and i would like to build a small building to use for prepping stuff for the market. i've got some basic requirements such as running water, easy drainage, heat, room to move around, room to store some supplies.
any thoughts on what you would like in a room used for this?

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Plenty of table space, I use folding tables that I can pop up when needed. I use the same tables for market, I just make sure that the tables are good and clean for market.

Check with your regulations for a certified kitchen and make the walls and floors within their suggestions. You never know when rules will change. Build to specs or more, that way if things change you can do something else with it. Here that would mean, easy to clean walls and non-porous flooring. Plus a good sweep/mop cleans up easily.

Screens on windows and plenty of windows for the warmer days when it's rainy.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Randy, sounds like a great idea. I'd suggest making it bigger then you think. I ran out of room in mine pretty quick.
One think I especially like in our wash up room is a small RV type bath tub raised on a frame, it's about 2X4 and made of fiberglass. With a hose and sprayer, it's great to wash just about everything, with no bending over.

Other things I suggest: a concrete floor with drain, a rubber standing mat on the floor in front of the tub, lots of shelves and hooks for market baskets, permanent counter tops, bright lighting (inside and out), a 100 lb spring scale. And of course, a radio.


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