'horse apples'

jayreynolds(zone 6/7)October 7, 2004

I'm not necessarily promoting this, but a seller at the market i frequent has sold over 100 of these, for spider repellant. Some customers swear they work, no one has complained (maybe they are too embarrassed?).

They are being sold for $1.00 each!!!

Not bad for something most people consider worthless trash, or fodder for boyhood fights. They are also called hedge apples, bois d'arc, or osage oranges.

The customer base is mostly city slicker(Chicago) retirees, but buyers include the local Ozark folks here too

Here is a link that might be useful: These people sell them online- $2.00/ea+s/h

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reinbeaux(z8 WA State)

I know texas and other places are different but at least in my area, "horse apples" and hedge apples (osage oranges) are two different things. One is a plant, the other is a digested plant (if you know what I mean) I definitely would NOT advertise them as 'horse apples' if I were trying to sell them in a national marketplace.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I have heard that the fruit of the Osage Orange is a good insect repellant. Haven't tried it out since I heard it as I then had no access to the fruits. While I think it is a high price for something that is produced in abundance by a mature tree - if you can get it, more power to you, or to the vendor.

"Horse Apples" aka "Road Apples" are the output of the north end of a south-traveling horse. I WOULD NOT expect then to do anything but attract flies!!! Certainly not at $1.00!!!!, even supposing you could get anyone to do more than call the little men in white coats to come and get you!

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reinbeaux(z8 WA State)

Never know - I've seen some unexpected things on ebay fetch top dollar

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Horse apple is an old timey souuthern apple that is an apple.


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tnwren(z7 AR)

i was told that osage oranges were suspose to be an insect repellant a few yrs ago. they didnt repell a thing and were quite an attractant for fruit flies.

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The neighbor down the road has one of these trees. They cover the road all the time. I had my aim down, with my car... and only took me 2 days to sinch it with my new pick up!!! hehehehe

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