Incongruous Nepeta

heleninramseyMay 14, 2009

I am a little confused by my Nepeta "Walkers Low"...I love this plant, I have seven of them in different gardens. Three of them are returning with gusto, four of them bearly show signs of life. Has anyone had trouble with this plant, it was on my list of steadfast garden warriors. Of those lagging behind, they are all in full sun, three are new as of last spring, one has been around for at least three years. Any ideas?

Thanks, Helen.

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I don't have Walkers Low, but I have Six Hills Giant and it seems to be behaving in a similar fashion. One plant is nicely mounded and has been for a couple of weeks, another planted at the same time, about six feet apart, looked dead until just last week. It is finally starting to show some little leaves. This one also has a few baby plants starting in the near vicinity. I think these must be from where a branch touched the ground, because I understood that 6 Hills was supposed to be seed sterile. ??? Every year you see new things, I guess.

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Well thanks for that...Misery loves company, and so does confusion.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I don't know if I have Walker's Low or not, mine is about 12-18" tall and in full bloom. I have another, 'Little Titch" which is 6-8" tall. Both have spread just a little and both are in part sun around trees. They are two-three years old.

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