identifying this type of maple please help.

illinigirl(5)November 3, 2013

I love these maples that are found in many neighborhoods near me. The home owner says it is a 'burning maple' but I can't find anything of that name on google. The local nursery looked at my photo and says it is a sunset maple. I would like to be 100% sure before I purchase any maples next spring for my new yard.

here it is as of a couple days ago. when it first started to turn color it was a very deep almost burgundy red, then slowly lightened/brightened to this color.


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gardens1(5b ON)

My guess is a red maple (acer rubrum) cultivar, or one of the hybrids between red maple and silver maple (acer rubrum x a. saccharinum, known as acer freemanii). There are any number of cultivars of these categories that can give you similar fall colouration.

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^Exactly what I was thinking...Autumn Blaze.

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I was able to photograph the leaves up close and posted them over on the 'tree' board and they confirmed it is an autumn blaze,

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There is a red maple cultivar called Pacific Sunset. Used in subdivision plantings here where I live. It looks like that is what your neighbor has.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

That is a selling name for one of the Keith Warren hybrids between Norway and Shantung maples - there is no involvement of Acer rubrum.

Leaves of the tree asked about here need to be seen before sure identification - of the species or hybrid it represents - becomes possible. Naming it down to the cultivar level is another matter, not necessarily easily accomplished under these circumstances.

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