Morning glories

weddingdance(z7 MD)August 2, 2005

Something is slicing through my morning glories about 5" up from the ground, leaving the vines hanging on their string to die. It only happens on one side of my deck. I sprayed for moles there, because it's been happening since Spring. The morning glories get about 3' tall, and it looks like a clean slice through the stem. The first time, the plants were gone, so I thought it was some kind of critter. Now I'm thinking it's some kind of cut worm, because the plants are still in the ground, and the vines are still dying on the twine = nothing's been eaten. What do you make of this?

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Well I assumed it was a bunny that had lopped off a clematis close to the ground leaving the vines neatly on the arch to wilt and die. Now you have me wondering if I'm right or wrong. Anyway, I wanted to mention that with the morning glories, they will reroot if you just put a tall bottle of water underneath the cut end of the vine. It will root and stay alive and continue to bloom. Check the bottle once a day for water as it may be supporting a 10 foot vine. When the roots are significant, just plant that end - you may have to mound the soil a bit to cover the new roots. Learned this 15 years ago when I lived in an association and there were maintenance people on the loose with string trimmers :)

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weddingdance(z7 MD)

Oh, I didn't know that! I wish I had checked this forum out, perhaps I could have saved them. But now they're all dead on the vine. I'll know it for next time, thanks!

Lee Ann

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