What is a zone?

daniellepalMay 3, 2009

I am the worst gardener ever!

What is a zone? I have a feeling this might be important.

I live in Woodbury MN and have NEVER had a garden or even a chia pet in my life.

I kill most plants but this year I plan on growing a green thumb.

I went to Walmart today and spent $75 attempting to start my very own pot of life on my deck.

Any tips would be appreciated!

I bought a huge pot, soil (potting and miracle grow), and 5 plants (strawberries, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and mint). I plan on keeping my plants outside during the day and indoors at night until the end of May? Oh, I also got this pole for the tomato plant.

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If you are referring to hardiness zone, it as a guide to what plants should be suitable for a given location based on average winter minimum temperatures.

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Welcome to gardening, daniellepal.

In Minnesota, we are in Zone 4.

Plant the strawberries, cilantro, and mint now and leave them outside unless there's going to be a freeze. Make sure you water them frequently, and make sure there is a drainage hole in your pot. The basil and tomatoes shouldn't go outside for a couple of weeks yet. The cold weather stunts their growth.

I'd recommend putting the tomato in a separate container. Tomato plants get much bigger than everything else you've got.

One last thing. Strawberries and mint are perennials in Zone 4--they will keep growing forever if you bring them inside in the winter. The rest of the plants will only last through the summer.

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Thanks sooooo much!

I just got done bringing in ALL of my plants. I will feel safe planting the stawberries cilantro and mint. I will get another pot for the tomato plant. Thanks so much! I had no idea I could bring stawberries and mint in. Fabulous! I got a tip about the drainage hole at Walmart. Check on that.


So helpful!

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