Starting Country Market, Any Ideas?

jumpinjuniper(6A Nova Scotia)October 11, 2004

I attend weekly a market in the city which is about 45 mins away but I am tinkering with the idea of reviving a market that is 15 minuts in the opposite direction although it is in a rural area. Located in a community of 16 people it would cater to the surrounding area, a few thousand people max. Instead if keeping it just a farmers market I'd like to open it up to more vendors as there is such a limited number of farmers in the area. Any ideas?

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huisjen(z5 ME)

Our Farmer's Market (Blue Hill, ME) serves a peninsula with a population of about 5,000, plus summer visitors. We have about 6 farmers and a mix of about a dozen bakers and craftspeople.

Are you thinking of a weekly market (what we do) or a seasonally-full-time co-operatively run farm stand (we had one, but it folded due to personality issues)?

Starting a new venture, I think it is best to focus on offering things people want _that they can't get anywhere else_. Maybe no store within 50 miles will buy/sell arugula, but if there are 10 people in town who will buy a bunch a week, then that is 20 bucks a week for somebody's market stand. Another ten ideas like that and it looks worth doing.


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I'm working on getting one started in our county.

The Mayor said he will get the grant money and the building for us and we are responsible for making a go of it.

I am at the petition stage right now. The city council said 'No' because there are two produce stands locally.

Well, I got them to sign the petition as vendors too!

So, as it is we are getting quite a few people interested in it.

The deadline for the grants is in Oct. So it will be about 2006 before we begin to see anything out of it.


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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I would have doubts about the viability, unless you have a lot of summer people; that's an awfully small population to support it - rather along the lines of the community that survived by taking in each-others' laundry, it has to stop somewhere! But, if you have enough diversity, and quality, with people commited to it, so they keep coming week-by-week, both as vendors and as buyers, then you should do well. Just try to limit the number of people (and things) if anyone should want to bring things they have bought, and not things they have made, to sell; maybe put it in the by-laws or agreement that they sign to join?

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There is a great book for ideas. "The New Farmer's Market". A good farmers market isn't just produce. It is flowers, herbs, added value products, cottage industry crafts, fresh eats, entertainment, festival days, educating the public, ect.

Go for it! If you have the gumption and the committment and can get people excited about it don't let anybody stop you.

With the right mix, you can get a great market going.

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