Buy and plant an "Aureum" NOW?

rouge21_gw(5)November 19, 2012

The plan had been to buy and plant an Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' next season but by chance just today I discovered a selection of three 6 gallon "Golden Full Moon" at a nursery which is about an one hour drive away and so I have not seen them. Of course there would be no leaves so it would be difficult to fully judge these specimens. I have asked if they could email me a picture of the three so I could at least see the 'bones' of these trees. The sale price is about $170 + taxes. Importantly there is a 1 year guarantee. What do you think is the likely hood of me having to use that warranty given that it will be late November by the time I can put it in the ground (zone 5b Canada). So what say you i.e. "buy or no buy"? Do you think the 'leafless' pictures be of any value in determining the which of the three is the best?

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Since you know what the foliage will look like once it reappears, the form of the tree out of leaf would take precedence, IMO. The only time I'd really need to see a maple in leaf would be one whose cultivar characteristics and/or seasonal coloration was unknown to me. Go for the bones!!

As to planting now, in my climate, no problem :-) But I'm not in zone 5B! If you perceive these as a deal not to pass by, then by all means purchase now. Rather than planting however, I would probably opt to just sink the pot in the soil for winter cold protection and plant correctly when the appropriate time arrives in spring.

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Thanks for the reply 'gardengal'.

I actually found a different nursery whose potted, now dormant "Aureu," was much larger than the other I was considering. Specifically it was in a 15 gallon container and 5 feet in height from the top of the pot.

(Picture below)

It is now in permanently in the ground with lots of mulch around the base and I have sheltered it with a burlap perimeter.

I do have a question though.

I watered it well when it went in the ground but given the time of year with freezing temps now common how often and how much does one water under these conditions?

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