How do you control a grape vine?

mcgyvr2009i(Schenectady, NY 5b)August 1, 2013

I am removing my grapevine and transplanting it into the wild because they are VERY (commonly) invasive, or (botanically) aggressive, whichever you choose to go with. in my climate. I have the seedless variety. I want to know for the future if I want a grape vine, how to control it so it doesn't take over.

Does it have underground runners? If so, is there a way to control those? Also, if I prune it every year to keep it like a bush instead of a vine, will I still get grapes? Any other information on controlling it is welcome.

I'd leave it in my "edible plants" landscape because I'm willing to try and control it but I plan on moving eventually and when I move away, that grape vine is going to take over and kill my blueberries and possibly my strawberries. So, if you can help me I'd be grateful. Thanks.

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Grapes do not make underground stolons that pop up and invade. They are rampant growers however, and are controlled with annual prunings. A good vine in a good year will grow 20ft or more, but this is cut back every year. If annual pruning is not possible or desirable, don't plant grapes. Transplanting a cultivated grape into the wild might not be the best option. If you are living in an area with people who plant grapes, the presence of a grape that harbors pests and diseases might be the bane of their gardening.

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