starting japanese maple seeds

gdr41(pa. z6)November 27, 2006

I've been starting JM and bamboo seeds indoors, using heatmat and grow light. My JM seedlng get about 1 or 2 inches tall then turn brown and die. They are in humidity domes,watered from the bottom. Temp. set at 70, with light on 8 hrs. Are they getting to much water, or light? Trays are sprayed with captan, so it doesn't look like dampning off is the problem. Bamboo seeds grow fine. Could someone give me am idea of what I could be doing wrong. Thanks.

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tcharles26(usa texas)

Probably too wet. I dont think the dome needs to stay over seedlings after they germinate. and watering from the bottom probably isnt the best practice.

Captan helps to control damping off fungus, but Im not sure if it kills root rot organisms or water molds. And even if it does, spraying the trays will not afford lifetime protection. Im all for using chemicals but they should supplement good cultural practice, not replace them. Good luck.


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gdr41(pa. z6)

Thanks, I'll try cutting back on water.

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They like water. Take the dome off after they've germinated or begin germinating, that's your problem.


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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I tend to agree with Dax...alhough cutting down a bit on water would not hurt . I tried grafting indoors under lights with a home made humidity zone and killed just about everything...root stock and scion ...I used captain periodically but to NO avail ...High humidity with lack of air circulation or fresh air is NOT a good combo for Jm's and youngsters would evn more be at risk . David

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gdr41(pa. z6)

Thank's for the info. I found about 8 more seeds starting to sprout in a baggie I have in the fridge. I put them in 4 inch pots instead of a humidity dome, I'll see if they do any better. I just put 100 seeds in the frig so I have about 3 months to learn what I'm doing.

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From fridge to cell is a good way to go "gdr41".

I grew 100's last winter this way. On average, 5 or 10 out of 50 cells per flat I'd have to plop in another seed, but all in all they filled the flats eventually. Every seed crop will vary.

It's also just as easy to prick and transplant them. Don't know why I did that last winter actually:)


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gdr41(pa. z6)

So far the seedlings in the pots are doing good, they're 1 to 2 inches tall. I have them off to the side of the grow light so a little shaded. I put one pot under the light but after a couple hours it looked like they were getting burned, so I moved it back. How soon can I move them into direct light? Or should I leave them in the shade?

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esamart(z5 (Finland 2))

Using artificial lights it is very difficult to achieve light intensity which comes even close to cloudy daylight. At least without getting significant temperature rise which might be the cause of them getting burned.

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

How do they look now? I am trying to grow some also (first time) and have some in a ziplock bag in the fridge. How long should it take for them to sprout (30 days?)? I soaked them 24-hours before putting in the baggie & fridge (as recommended by the seller that sold me the seeds).

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Hi bencjedi,

I soak seeds continuously until they all sink. Then into cold strat for 3 months and then I sow them. At this point the non-germinators you can always put back into cold-strat and see if any of them crack.

Here's seedlings from winter-grown (germination probably around March and photos during this previous summer). These seedlings are maybe 6 months old.


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